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More than 3 quarters of nation looking towards being back the office

Study* performed by global leading drinking water filtration brand name BRITA VIVREAU, offers uncovered how our attitudes to workplace life have changed because the begin of lockdown and much more importantly, this season what we are looking for inside our working environment.

Working to help make the office welcoming in 2021

The analysis revealed you can find three essential priorities for people time for office-based work, known as the Three C’s:

1. Clean and hygienic environment

  • 81% say they’re more concerned about workplace hygiene at this point than previously.
  • More than a 3rd (35%) state shared facilities with built-in hygiene measures were very important.
  • Shared equipment can be beneath the spotlight with individuals placing a heavy concentrate on hygiene within those places. People ranked bathrooms (60%), microwaves (55%), drinking water dispensers (49%) and espresso devices (46%) as hygiene hotspots demanding additional precaution.

2. Comforting furnishings and environment to aid your team’s psychological health and wellbeing

  • Workers want for workplace spaces to feel similar to home (27%).
  • Ways where workers wish to see their house life reflected within the work space will be the add-on of better facilities and kitchen spaces (33%), better high quality shared amenities such as for example water dispensers (29%) plus some greenery (32%) – perhaps reminding us of our day to day mandated hour outdoors through the first lockdown – plant life are actually seen as a significant section of office décor.
  • Sofas were also regarded as a vital area of the office scenery, according to 38% of these surveyed – recognizing the necessity to move away from your table and feel more relaxed every once in awhile.
  • Aside from socialising, a single of the other crucial things we missed may be the psychological wellbeing support that’s intrinsic to workplace life (in accordance with almost a one fourth of these surveyed – 24%), alongside working in a group (42%) and the chance to work collaboratively (35%).

3. Treatment for the planet

  • In conditions of the earth, the pandemic has produced a lot of us reassess our priorities; with much less opportunity to travel and much more time at house to spotlight what matters. Therefore, 82% of respondents said sustainability was a lot more important to them right now than ever.
  • Nearly 25 % (24%) also desire to see a lot more sustainability initiatives to mitigate the impact of employed in the workplace versus working at home, including banning individual use plastic-type and introducing reusable bottles and cups – nearly 1 / 2 of any office workforce (49%) desire to see this take place.

To help the changeover from your home working to some type of workplace working, BRITA VIVREAU provides put together a go back to office checklist to greatly help businesses along the united states make that alter as smooth as you possibly can:

The go back to office checklist:
  • Introduce secure socialising opportunities
  • Make the office a house from your home (with sofas, plants and so on.)
  • Create a sustainable atmosphere with reusable cups
  • and bottles

  • Ensure function spaces and communal locations are usually cleaned and hygienic
  • thoroughly

  • Introduce high-quality amenities such as for example high spec water dispensers

Speaking concerning the research outcomes, Rebecca Fairfield, Mind of Crucial Accounts at BRITA VIVREAU, said:“The study shows the significance of any office environment not merely for socialising also for our private mental health and wellness. 12 months which saw nearly all office-based workers working at home after a tumultuous, we’re feeling the consequences of remote operating sometimes being too remote control probably.

“It’s the easy things we skip the many; one in five employees have missed access high-quality facilities such as tea, espresso and filtered drinking water. While for others it’s larger elements like sustainability, with one in 10 respondents missing employed in a conscious atmosphere sustainably.

“Whilst it’s very clear the nation is looking towards being back offices, going from employed in your own room in the home to being back a specialist office setting may potentially feel overwhelming for a lot of. Workers will be seeking to their employers to make sure their office is secure and hygienic, prioritises sustainability and contains high-quality amenities in conjunction with a few of the comforts they’ve come familiar with at home.”

Offices may also download BRITA VIVREAU’s brand new Nine to Thrive toolkit, containing more information on the extensive research along with advice for welcoming employees back again to the workplace. Please find a lot more through this link –

BRITA VIVREAU provides sustainable, mains-fed drinking water dispensing solutions for contemporary offices. This season BRITA will be launching a suite of brand new product improvements which incorporate the most recent energy-saving and hygiene technologies to help workplaces supply high-high quality, secure and sustainable filtered drinking water for employees.

*Analysis throughout was completed 3GEM amongst 1,000 people surviving in the UK.


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