What Role Does Flooring Play In Your Facilities?

Site Evaluation: What Function Does Flooring Enjoy In Your Amenities?

Indicate Bischoff, Starnet Worldwide Industrial Flooring Partnership, explains what sort of site assessment which includes a concentrate on floors shall propel project success.

By Mark Bischoff
From the April 2022 Issue

A ccording to the Jones Lang LaSalle Work Dynamics Pulse Survey of October 2021, 49% of organizations still hadn’t developed a “future of work” program following the disruption of the final 2 yrs. Some organizations might not be prepared to integrate a flexible space technique for their office portfolio to regulate for hybrid work. Imagine if their assumptions are incorrect? Alternatively, imagine if looking forward to more clarity from clients or associates actually is the right decision?

Even though future of work isn’t yet clear, you can find ways to mitigate the chance and prepare for the near future now. Most existing office layouts and their infrastructure support traditional methods to assigned seating with some shared assets. If change occurs, the working office furniture, technology, and flooring will have to work to aid hybrid workplaces and powerful seating assignments together.

A 2022 Starnet Design Awards Nominee project: Bonitz, Inc. headquarters in Charlotte, NC features Milliken Edge Lit cushion carpet tile back.

Facility management leaders can incrementally prepare to reinvent property strategies in reaction to ever-changing business priorities. That is possible without going “all on the initial effort to create associates back again to work in”. To get ready, it’s prudent to enlist the services of a specialist flooring contractor to supply a site assessment of one’s facilities. A niche site assessment shall concentrate on basic elements minus the commitment required for total workplace redesign.

Site Assessment: WHAT THINGS TO Expect

A niche site assessment is really a practical review of your complete campus centered on three elements that impact the lifetime return of one’s building interiors and organizational culture:

  • Cost Avoidance;
  • Safe practices; and
  • Productivity.
Starnet Preferred Vendor: Milliken OBEX™ Entrance Flooring provides safety at entryways.

Starnet Preferred Vendor: Küberit Edge protection offers a smooth sloped transition across elevations. (Photos: Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership)

Over the USA and Canada, member contractors of the Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership have helped clients create a back-to-work strategy with practical advice developed from the site assessment. Following is insight from Starnet for facility managers.

Cost Avoidance. Bringing people back again to work may resurrect procedures which have not been useful for a few years such as for example collecting injury data, incident reports, and hazard analysis. Based on the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), year eight million people seek emergency treatment for accidental falls each, and 25,000 will die from their fall. 55% of most slips, trips, and falls could be related to walking surfaces directly.

The price avoidance site assessment carries a overview of incident reports and physical inspection of hazardous areas associated with the flooring in your facility. A specialist flooring contractor can help prescribe preventative answers to reduce future financial pitfalls and challenges with flooring related injuries. This consists of safety and product selection for dangerous areas such as for example walk faraway from exterior entrances particularly, stairwells, changes in level, escalator and elevator transitions, restroom access and breakroom facilities.

Additional expense avoidance consultation could be applied to product life span, product solutions that could enable reduced insurance cost, ongoing maintenance savings, and reclamation.

Safe practices. Site assessments for safe practices would include a overview of the existing products used in the area and their effect on the quality of air, sustainability, and effectiveness of maintenance operations. Starnet member contractors get access to thousands of products that might help organizations realize sustainability goals, supported by data and independent third-party certifications.

Are you searching for low impact sustainable products, Red List Free, post-consumer recycled content, or Low VOC-emitting materials? Starnet members are product knowledge experts across a large number of floorcoverings, underlayments, adhesives, accessories, and maintenance products. Each product is integral to developing a complete flooring system to get facility operation and planning.

Through the pandemic, numerous maintenance and disinfectants chemical substances were introduced to look after commercial flooring. Starnet Floor Care technicians can help evaluate if these chemistries and procedures work and safe for folks and products long-term.

Other considerations regarding safe practices site assessments can include overview of wayfinding solutions, targeting chronic moldy or moisture conditions, or providing effective item solutions to help the impaired visually.

Productivity. Among facility management’s great challenges would be to create dynamic places that connect the reason, values, and goals of an business or organization using its people. Site assessments linked to productivity may include the most obvious of providing great looking products and their potential effect on improved morale and corporate brand continuity.

A specialist flooring contractor can review employee interaction in an area and suggest different surfaces that could improve efficient interaction, such as for example sliding up a chair to meet up with a colleague quickly. In a flexible space, interaction between your furniture and the flooring choices is key to productivity. This is simply not a higher priority in fixed private offices, but as furniture, technology, and folks move around an inside more these elements must interact frequently.

A skilled flooring contractor brings additional expertise to the procedure to balance the performance of the flooring with acoustic and ergonomic considerations. A loud and distracting space or an inside that does not help mitigate fatigue has dramatic impacts on productivity. Starnet members help develop solutions throughout their site assessments that may improve the productivity of any employee-whether a nurse or stockbroker.

Other considerations regarding productivity can include reducing the churn rate or cycle time and energy to properly disinfect an individual room, targeting high wear areas with trendy colors and patterns to brighten the area for employees, reduce eyestrain and stress, or providing flexible underfloor cable and power management options for multiple space strategy changes.

Site Assessment Outcomes

Most C-level executives concur that a safer office environment enhances an organization’s bottom line. Flooring can be an element that impacts every occupant, so investment there has a broad impact. Cost avoidance, safety and health, and productivity should be the focus of site assessments for building teams. With that effort they become a participant in their organizations’ mission to attract, motivate and retain the best talent.

Bischoff is President and CEO of Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership , the largest network of full-service independent flooring contractors. Through partnerships with commercial flooring flooring and professionals manufacturers, Starnet assists deliver successful project outcomes helping the client vision.

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