WHA Members – providing essential Winter hydration

Healthy hydration is vital to the well-being of the workforce, assisting to keep the disease fighting capability strong – which is simply as important in the wintertime months since it is in the summertime:

    all day long
  • Keeping hydrated can help the workforce stay alert and energetic, fending off daytime fatigue due to central heating and heated air-con
  • Thirst could be recognised incorrectly as hunger and bring about snacking – in the wintertime that can especially result in weight gain. Remaining hydrated prevents the need to eat between meals and helps digestion
  • At the right time whenever there are plenty of viruses circulating, along with Covid-19, dehydration can weaken immune systems and reduce resistance to infections. Reaching for one glass of water means that the barriers used to safeguard your body are fully doing his thing and intact
  • Christmas parties will be returning – normal water glass for glass might help prevent over indulgence and resulting sore heads!

Usage of a water dispenser is really a simple and easy approach to providing workplace hydration in a safe and hygienic way with reduced personal contact. For workers reticent about time for work still, worries of contracting the Covid-19 will be at the forefront of these minds; using toilets along with other facilities like the communal kitchen could possibly be risk areas and the WHA Guidelines is there to make sure that the water dispenser isn’t.

When FMs are seeking hydration solutions because of their customers it might be difficult to tell apart between all of the various companies and offerings available on the market. That’s where in fact the Water-Dispenser and Hydration Association (WHA) will come in. The WHA treats safety as its highest priority and may be the body that oversees its Members to make sure continued and sustainable standards. So what’s inside it for FMs? – with continued concerns associated with the Covid-19 pandemic especially.
Utilizing a WHA Member gives satisfaction; just as you’ll only use approved suppliers to match electrical and gas appliances, you will need to make sure that your water dispenser provider is really a professional too – and you may do this with a WHA Member.

WHA known members must follow the best standards safely and hygiene. They’re:

  • Professional, reliable and motivated to provide the best products
  • Focused on delivering safe hydration that promotes wellbeing
  • and health

  • Audited rigorously to the best industry standards of safety and hygiene of normal water
  • Assessed to comply to both WHA and legislative requirements so FMs could be assured that their legal obligations are met
  • Mandated to get regular industry specific trained in hygiene, distribution management and dispenser installation
  • Supported by knowledgeable and expert industry specialists
  • Assured to supply a definite point of difference in the hydration marketplace.

Customers should introduce an everyday cleaning and disinfection of most contact surfaces of their workplace in addition to social distancing. Customer Factsheets can be found on www.twha.co.uk/hydration  on both re-introduction of workplace hydration and essential care of water dispensers.

We advise that when searching for hydration solutions for the clients strongly, you place membership of the WHA being an accreditation body on your own checklist of requirements. Quality. Trust. Standards. We have been WHA – the benefit is clear.

Quote WHA in every tender documentation. Visit  www.twha.co.uk/Find-a-Member  for a complete set of accredited WHA Members.


For more information visit www.twha.co.uk , email info@twha.co.uk or call 01707 656 382.


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