WeMaintain signs contract with KeolisAmey Docklands

PropTech business, WeMaintain, offers signed a four-year agreement with KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD) for the provision of raise and escalator maintenance answers to all London Docklands Lighting Railway (DLR) stations.

The agreement will dsicover WeMaintain provide maintenance providers covering 86 lifts and 30 escalators over the DLR network. In addition, WeMaintain’s proprietary Web of Things (IoT) option will be set up on all lifts and escalators, providing live life information to KAD which will give better insights in to the operational condition of critical tools and open-up new opportunities for improved knowledge of asset utilisation.

Since its launch 3 years ago, WeMaintain provides been transforming the regulated escalator and lift maintenance marketplace. It gives asset proprietors and operators an end-to-end solution to carry out critical maintenance functions and provides high-quality information through proprietary technological options that improves understanding of assets.

Commenting on the contract, Tom Harmsworth, UK Handling Director of WeMaintain, stated that the KeolisAmey Docklands agreement win will dsicover exciting advancement for the DLR that may ultimately result in increased raise and escalator dependability.

He commented: “We’re happy to be dealing with KAD and we anticipate delivering the highest specifications of elevator and raise upkeep to the DLR system. Our operations group has deep connection with the rail atmosphere and we anticipate bringing a new method of this area of the market. 

“As soon as our IoT sensors are usually installed on all the DLR’s 86 lifts and 30 escalators, we will be able to supply KAD with earlier warnings of possible devices failure, enabling us to react and resolve a concern with speed and performance that wasn’t previously achievable. We and KAD anticipate that after the performance of our alternative has been verified through live operations, our IoT technologies shall facilitate a change to predictive maintenance. 

“Rail systems are uniquely challenging conditions in which to function and WeMaintain offers both staff and the technologies to provide operators unmatched maintenance options which will result in greater degrees of customer satisfaction. A few of we members have years of experience employed in the rail industry and it’s a location where we see great development potential for our company.” 

Kieran Wright, Lifts and Escalators Upkeep Manager at KAD mentioned:   “KeolisAmey Docklands turn to dealing with WeMaintain UK on the next four many years forward, as they  sustain our escalator and raise fleet. WeMaintain attended across to be professional, devoted and enthusiastic and attempting to change the real method lifts and escalators are usually maintained from the norm. I turn to the step change that people can collaboratively achieve ahead.”