Webinar: Data – the human element in a sustainable future

FMJ provides teamed up with Andrea Temporiti, Mind of Digital for ABB Electrification to go over how FMs can utilise information to improve the human encounter.

Sustainability will be a much broader idea than relocating towards a zero-carbon economic climate or reducing the quantity of waste heading into landfill. It embraces components such as for instance supply chain diversity, addressing wellbeing and wellness to accommodate a far more fluid workforce and sustaining our energy and drinking water resources.

Armed with accurate data, facilities managers can meet sustainability targets in most its forms. This goes way beyond installing systems that monitor the performance of buildings to an expanding selection of technologies that actively enhance the experiences of the people within the built environment.

Whether it’s by using the most recent data monitoring equipment to operate a vehicle down carbon emissions, or installing building sensors to monitor office occupancy, data may be the tool that may help you reach your aims.

The webinar titled ‘ Data – the human aspect in a sustainable future ‘, on 28 October at 11am will undoubtedly be taking place, and will gather an informed panel to go over the techniques data might help you as well as your organisation take advantage of the digital revolution.

  • Chair: Sara Bean , Editor FMJ
  • Andrea Temporiti , Head of Digital – ABB Electrification
  • Pradyumna V. Pandit , Managing Director Energy and Sustainability Services, Mitie
  • Daniel Provis , Procurement Director National Accounts, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions
  • Michael Lange , Chief Digital Officer, Apleona Group

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