Webinar – Data – the human element in a sustainable future

On 28th October, FMJ was very happy to host a webinar with Andrea Temporiti, Head of Digital for ABB Electrification and several thought leaders to go over how FMs could utilise data to improve the human experience.

The panel, which comprised Pradyumna V. Pandit, Managing Director Energy and Sustainability Services, Mitie, Daniel Provis, Procurement Director National Accounts,CBRE Global Workplace Michael and Solutions Lange, Chief Digital Officer, Apleona agreed that through the use of accurate data, facilities managers can meet sustainability targets in every its forms.

The webinar included some useful true to life types of data systems that monitor the performance of buildings that reduce carbon emissions, and increase occupant comfort, and in addition offered insights on which the panel are doing of their organisations to control their sustainability reports.

FMs have to spend money on data systems at the earliest opportunity concluded the panel to be able to meet rising Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.

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