ULTRA Germicidal Smart Ceiling Fan

The ULTRA Germicidal* Smart Fan by Modern Forms is really a smart ceiling fan that helps develop a safer sanctuary for residential, hospitality, and commercial settings.

“We didn’t plan to enter the established ceiling fan market. Our friends on the market told us it had been futile for all of us to even try, but we are here. We realized that people might use technology to stir things up,” says Dirk Wald, Co-CEO of Modern WAC and Forms, “And this may be the tip of the iceberg just.”

ULTRA runs on the patent pending system, which combines a germicidal* Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) LED module that irradiates the air, with a ceiling fan that circulates the air from the occupied spaces to the unoccupied upper reaches of a location. This combination might help decrease the concentration of viral pathogens, like the SARS COV-2 virus, in the new air of the area where it really is installed and operated.**

An unbiased CAP (College of American Pathologists) and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) accredited lab, Innovative Bioanalysis, has tested the efficacy of the ULTRA, which uses patent-pending technology that incorporates UV-C technology to lessen airborne pathogens in an area. The tests showed a 99.99% reduced amount of collectable active pathogens in the air, and that the active SARS-CoV-2 virus had not been detectable in the breathable air after just half an hour of operation of the ULTRA in the area.**

While in-duct UV-C radiation units in HVAC systems help decrease the transmission of airborne pathogens in one room to another, based on the IES Photobiology Committee, “[they] unfortunately [do] relatively little to lessen the chance of person-to-person transmission when both an infectious source along with other susceptible persons share exactly the same air.”[1]

Natural ventilation outdoors and in homes works well at reducing the chance of person-to-person transmission of certain airborne pathogens if you find enough exchange between climate and shared air. In reducing risk indoors, the ULTRA Germicidal* Smart Fan produces 5,172 cubic feet each and every minute (CFMs) of airflow on High and in addition irradiates a big area above the ceiling fan with a UV-C LED module, which operates at a wavelength range (peak wavelength of 275 nanometers) recognized to reduce active pathogens in the air. Combined, it could move a tremendous level of air within an occupied space up towards the actively irradiated space above the fan, where in fact the fresh air is subjected to the UV-C radiation, and then back off to the occupied space in reducing the chance of airborne transmission of pathogens within an enclosed space.**

The ULTRA smart ceiling fan comes in a 54″ size with three finishes: brushed nickel housing with matte black blades, matte black matching and housing blades, and matte white housing with matching blades. The fan is crafted with stainless ABS and hardware blades, giving it a damp location rating which allows it to be utilized in covered outdoor spaces also. ULTRA carries a Bluetooth handheld remote, which controls the six speeds of the fan and the direction of the new air, or downward upward.

This Energy Star rated smart ceiling fan utilizes a DC motor that keeps things running smooth, quiet, and 70% better than traditional AC fans, allowing users to regulate the duration and timing of operation. Users can also connect to the present day Forms app via Wi-Fi from any place in the global world to use ULTRA, create schedules, or integrate with building management systems and smart home devices.

ULTRA integrates with devices such as for example Google Assistant seamlessly, Control4, Josh.AI, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings, in addition to smart thermostats such as for example ecobee, using voice command and advances in automation. Users can enable these devices to show their fan on / off, change speeds, and reverse the rotation of the blades.

Note: Modern Forms makes no claims that its products could cure, treat, or be considered a prophylactic for just about any ongoing health conditions, including COVID-19 or other conditions which may be due to airborne pathogens. Check with your doctor with any health-related questions always.

*Reduces the SARS COV-2 viruses along with other airborne pathogens.

**Based on tests conducted by an unbiased CLIA and CAP accredited lab, Innovative Bioanalysis. The report can be acquired at modernforms.com/ultra. The potency of the ULTRA will change based on surroundings and application, including but not limited by room air and dimensions flow.

[1] IES Committee Report: Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) – FAQS, IES CR-2-20-V1, 4.15.2020.

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