I’m a Highly Motivated, Committed professionally, Hard worker, Competent Accounting, and Finance Expert with an increase of than 13 Yrs of extensive encounter including five yrs in UAE.

1. Investment business
2. Property management
3. Hotel Business
4. Structure
5. Investing and retail
6. Power Industry
7. Auditing and Taxation

Proven work responsibilities:

• Preparing and finalization of accounts Monthly Financial Statements which includes Profit & Loss, Stability Sheet, Cash Flow Declaration, etc.
• Analyze revenue & expenditure developments, recommend appropriate Money, Operating & Funds budget ranges, and ensure expenditure manage.
• Liaise with banks and perform all financial transactions including Money & Cheques depositing, Cheque Discounting, Credit Amenities, and Bank Ensures.
• Invoices are usually rendered to customers on a timely schedule in accordance with contract terms and that task costs are correctly processed and documented.
• Generate and distribute Weekly receivables reviews.
• Preparing & Scheduling payments to the providers and maintaining aging reviews.
• Negotiating prices with brand new and existing providers.
• Evaluation and recommend adjustments to accounting techniques and processes.
• Handling the money flow of the business.
• Verify & processing of payroll according to WPS.
• Analyze monthly P & L accounts of all running tasks.
• Conducts monthly closing which include prepayments, accruals, changes, bank reconciliation, financial reviews.
• Liaisons and coordination with Exterior Auditor in conducting Audit at Year-Finish.
• Accounting software program, Quick Books desktop, on-line, Zoho, Tally, Sage
• Overseeing & approving all finance plus accounting transactions and routines.
• VAT Registration, De-registration and VAT come back filing

I am an effective Team Leader having the ability to recognize the hidden abilities of my teammates and making use of them successfully and efficiently. I’m always one step forward when it’s necessary to take initiatives.

Visa Position: GRACE Time period
Open to join Immediately

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