Totally extends contract between EFP and Royal Mail

Energy Fitness Specialists (EFP), the suppliers of corporate health and fitness and wellbeing services over the part and United kingdom of the Totally Team, has guaranteed a five-year contract expansion with the Royal Mail.

EFP has maintained the Royal Mail’s onsite gyms for 18 years. The administration is included in the contract extension of 34 gyms for the Royal Mail over the UK.

The remit shall see EFP expose a sophisticated digital offering, ‘Health Hub’, which gives members having an enhanced user encounter, bringing all wellbeing providers via an easy-to-use application together. The ongoing support enables remote usage of services such as for example online workouts, challenges and reside or recorded exercise lessons for hybrid workers, and allowing members for connecting to create bookings seamlessly, payments also to easily communicate quickly and.

EFP may also trial a fresh wellbeing consultation process for gym associates called ‘Health Reasonable’. The consultation service provides 30-minute, one-to-one appointments with fitness center members to fully capture key health information such as for example cholesterol, body body fat, blood pressure, lung work as well as life-style data including diet, stress and sleep, that is analysed and discussed with the known members within goal-setting. Anonymised information collated across all websites also offers Royal Mail with insight to their employees’ health, allowing action programs to be created for company improvement.

Since the elimination of Covid-19 restrictions in the united kingdom, EFP says it provides witnessed a noticeable modify in method across all company sectors, with many companies adopting hybrid working styles for their workers and refurbishing and improving their physical fitness and wellbeing providing to encourage employees back again to the workplace.