Tork boosts its skincare range with three new soaps

Made to meet customer demand for skincare products which are sustainable, hygienic, pleasant and effective to utilize are three new soaps from Tork manufacturer Essity.

The most recent additions to the Tork skincare range can help companies to secure the brand new hygiene standard in a safe and sustainable way.

“Demand for sustainable products is increasing and we at Tork are focused on developing products that support a circular society,” said Essity’s Pilar Jimenez, Skincare Product Manager Professional Hygiene. “Besides assisting to secure the brand new hygiene standard, our new handwashing solutions are made to reduce environmental impact also.”

Ninety-nine % of the ingredients of Tork Clarity Hand Washing Foam Soap derive from natural origin. The soap lathers during hand washing and is rinsed away quickly effectively, reducing the quantity of water utilized by to 35 % up. And the merchandise formula is has and biodegradable a lower life expectancy effect on aquatic life.

Particularly ideal for use by chefs along with other kitchen workers are Tork Odour-Control Hand Washing Liquid Soap and Tork Antimicrobial Liquid Soap. Tork Odour-Control eliminates pungent food smells such as for example fish and garlic while also being kind to the hands – even though used frequently.

Tork Antimicrobial Hand Washing Liquid Soap contains plant-based ingredients and is impressive against bacteria and viruses including COVID-19, SARS and HIV. It really is gentle on the tactile hands and really helps to remove food fat residues.

“Chefs and kitchen staff are handling foodstuffs, hot dishes and sharp utensils this means their hands are at the mercy of constant tear and wear,” said Pilar. ”And the truth that they have to wash their hands frequently implies that issues such as for example skin chapping and soreness could be a problem.

“Healthy hands donate to the well-being of staff that is key to a harmonious kitchen environment. The truth that Tork soaps are impressive while also being gentle on your skin allows kitchen workers to spotlight what they do best – preparing and serving safe food.”

All three products are come and perfume-free in factory-sealed 1,000ml refill containers built with hygienic single-use pumps. And the recyclable bottles collapse because they empty which reduces the quantity of waste produced dramatically.


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