Time To Vote: Pick Your Favorite Soap Dispenser Design

SC Johnson Expert has uncovered the finalists of the year’s Happy Fingers dispenser style contest, which promotes the significance of hands washing and sanitizing from school. From the germ-busting soap dispenser to a rocket ship “blasting off” germs into room, the public can right now choose a common soap dispenser style by K-12 students over the U.S. It is possible to view the student-drawn designs and choose now through February 28.

“Each style showcased an incredible quantity of creativity, artistic skill, and creativity,” said Mike Flagg, mind of SC Johnson Professional’s UNITED STATES business. “There’s zero relevant question that hands hygiene can be an important measure for avoiding the spread of germs. The Happy Fingers contest helps make promoting and educating thoroughly clean fingers at school more memorable and engaging for several students.”

There are two grade categories for the Happy Hands Contest: elementary (grades K-5) and middle/high school (grades 6-12). The winning style in each class shall have the top prize, which include $1,000 for both grand prize winners’ college, a $300 gift cards for every winning student, and to 1 up,000 guide soap/sanitizer dispensers offering the student’s winning style.

The 2020/2021 Happy Hands contest finalists consist of:

Elementary College

  • Penny G., Kindergarten, Trinity Lutheran College, Racine, WI
  • Clemmie T., Quality 2, C. Trapp Elementary, Rialto, CA
  • Chelsea L., Quality 4, Christian heritage, University Place, WA
  • Stella F., Quality 4, Floranada Elementary, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Jillian I., Quality 5, Peak to Peak, Lafayette, CO

Middle & High College

  • Wilfred O., Quality 6, Gifford College, Racine, WI
  • Isabelle A., Quality 10, Idaho Good Arts Academy, Eagle, CO
  • Keona H., Quality 11, California School of the innovative arts SGV, Duarte, CA
  • Jamie M., Quality 11, Idaho Great Arts Academy, Eagle, CO
  • Celia M., Quality 12, McCracken County HS, Paducah, KY

You may choose your favorite design today through February 28, in April and the state grand prize winner announcement will undoubtedly be made.

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