Time to face the truth about jet air dryers – Not all germ spreaders wear masks

The COVID-19 pandemic provides increased consumer awareness round the need for hand hygiene and the risks posed by the spread of germs. Almost 95% of adults usually do not wash lengthy enough to clear the bacteria and infections from their hands, therefore germs can stick to hands after washing1. While there’s been a concentrate on adequate and regular hands washing, Kimberly-Clark Expert is asking: ‘How can you dry the hands?’.

“Technology proves that document towels will be the most hygienic choice for hand drying, however the dangers presented by alternate drying methods raise worries,” claims Steve Jones, General Supervisor United kingdom & Ireland, Kimberly-Clark Expert.

“Jet-air flow dryers can pass on germs and harmful bacteria if they’re present on wet fingers. In these unprecedented instances, tackling every germ hotspot is crucial for supplying a safer and much more hygienic atmosphere. We believe that it is important that folks are fully-well informed of the hygiene dangers presented by jet-atmosphere dryers and are alert to the technology of hygiene before they make use of or purchase an surroundings dryer.”

What’s flying beneath the radar?

A jet-air flow dryer blows drinking water droplets that may contain germs from the fingers into the air so far as 2 metres2. Those aerosolised bacteria can linger in the new air for 15 minutes. Actually, the science demonstrates jet-air dryers can raise degrees of bacteria on fingertips by around 42%3. Therefore, it really is no surprise that papers towels will be the recommended hand-drying approach to the planet Health Organisation “Guidelines readily available Hygiene in HEALTHCARE”.

Using Scott® Hands Towels will leave the hands and washroom cleaner than air flow dryers, even with the usage of HEPA filter systems and diligent cleaning associated with air dryers. Actually, using a jet atmosphere dryer can disperse 1,300 times even more germ contaminants than drying with document towels.4

Research shows after quarter-hour even, 100 times more contaminants stay in the fresh air when working with jet-surroundings dryers versus single-use papers towels5, which alarmingly could find yourself at the height of a little child’s face6 approximately. Drying with document towels reduces bacterias on fingers by around 77%7.

Research implies that the inner areas of jet air flow dryers can have around 48 times more germs compared to the average toilet chair8. Findings from the University of Westminster research found high-speed and hot air-dryers can harbour bacterias on areas and inside dryers. This may result in cross contamination if customers reach inside and contact the top of unit or that germs could possibly be carried in the airstream and deposited on wet fingers9.

Paper towels are usually critical to proper hands hygiene, because they offer the best answer with regards to both tactile hands and overall washroom hygiene. In comparison to jet-air dryers along with other hand drying choices, single-use papers towels are suggested by the World Wellness Organisation (WHO) and the Mayo Clinic Proceedings because the best hands drying way of good hand hygiene10.

“Our position on jet-atmosphere dryers is informed by these along with other information supported by a few of the world’s top open public health organisations. The reality speak for themselves”, states Jones.

Interestingly, regardless of the increase of jet air dryers over the global world, a recently available observational study discovered that 90% of individuals using washrooms prefer paper towels when given the decision between single-use paper towels and jet air dryers11. Indeed, a recently available study showed that document towels out-performed all the drying techniques consistently, pertaining to bacteria still left on the palms and fingertips12 especially.

“With the current concentrate on the significance of hand hygiene, we believe that it is critical to talk about the known facts, based on scientific tests, so customers could make informed decisions,” states Jones. “Think about your hand hygiene during the day and how many items you touch – from vehicle steering wheels to raise buttons. Ask not only how many moments you possess washed and dried the hands – but how perhaps you have washed and dried the hands and for just how long? The technology is very clear – and the state guidelines from That are clear: ‘dry fingers completely with a single-make use of towel; utilize the towel to show off the tap; the hands are safe’ now.”13

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