Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe. Why safety signs matter

Peter Clayton Mind of Product sales for Spectrum Industrial on the significance of safety symptoms following the start of the ‘Think Secure, Act Safe, Be Secure’ marketing campaign

I n our day to day lives we see signals, they tell us to avoid at junctions, they offer us with instructions and tell us when there is construction function happening. But perform they matter really? The easy answer yes is.

Although safety signs tend to be reduced on the hierarchy for most employers, signs play an enormous role in telling workers and guests at workplaces what hazards can be found and how to prevent these hazards.

Safety indicators

➤ Inform   Warn   Guideline

Latest HSE statistics display that in 2019/20, there have been 111 employees killed, with an additional 693,000 employees sustaining non-fatal accidents. Meanwhile, around 38.8 million working days were lost because of to work-related workplace and illness injury at a cost of £16.2 billion to the economic climate, while fines from convictions totalled £35.8 million.

The human and economic cost of incidents and ill wellness at the job are clearly extremely higher. Businesses within breach of wellness & safety rules might suffer significant harm to their reputation, and in a few full cases, bosses may face the prison sentence even. Organisations must absorb health &amp therefore; safety and evaluation their method of identify opportunities for enhancement regularly.


Safe practices signs deliver enormous advantages to organisations:

1. Decreases accidents at work

2. Boosts safety mindful employees

3. Reduces employers’ obligation

4. Highlights necessary data

5. Reduces workplace expenses


Recognising the significance of health & protection signs is the first rung on the ladder towards implementing a highly effective safety signage program, but it’s vital that you be conscious that not absolutely all safety signage is established equivalent. Beware of the next issues that may occur where safety indications are bought from suppliers who don’t possess the appropriate degree of expertise.

  • The signage uses the proper colors for mandatory, prohibition, hazard
  • The proper symbols have already been used to make sure compliance legislation
  • The usage of appropriate fonts
  • The proper size of indication for looking at distances
  • Crystal clear and concise messaging
  • The proper material can be used
  • Best exercise for safety sign use

ACT Secure – TAKING Obligation

Once a small business has chosen compliant safety signage, they will have a responsibility to help keep notices displayed, unobstructed and properly maintained, as failing to take action could pose a substantial danger if a crisis arises.

If you feel there may be room for enhancement in your basic safety signage plan, the simplest way to review your security signs would be to walk during your site and have a look.

Safety professionals and web site managers should also be mindful that an excessive amount of signage could be confusing and tough to understand. It is very an easy task to opt for signage overboard. Having several safety symptoms all in a single place warning of various hazards can make confusion among your employees. The simplest way to method this is to check out what signs could be merged into one major sign, Site Protection Notices certainly are a great method and popular on construction websites to alert people of several hazards in an obvious and concise way. A skilled safety sign manufacturer might help your organisation with this particular issue and develop the best remedy for your company.

Our ideas:

  • Take into account the purpose of the indication
  • What details must be provided
  • Will be that message highly relevant to that area
  • May be the message effortlessly actionable when a employee reads it

Regulations establish that one requirements should be applied on protection signs, such as color, icons etc. For instance, yellow is included on hazard signs. It’s essential that known members of personnel know very well what signs mean. Including safety sign teaching into safe practices or site inductions assists employees begin to realize and recognise the forms of hazards linked to the different conditions. It’s also vital that you consider that not absolutely all workers may speak exactly the same language and for that reason signs should be simply comprehended by all celebrations.

BE Secure

Health & safety signals play a far more important role to advertise effective health &amp much; safety management than lots of people realise. Not merely can health & basic safety signs help reduce mishaps and work-related ill wellness but they may also offer an possibility to promote and celebrate a solid health & safety lifestyle and leave a confident lasting impression. Apparent and compliant security signage signals that safe practices is really a high priority inside your organisation, but it is one item of the overall protection puzzle.