The State of Facility Management Today

Condition of Facility Management Record

You haven’t any time for nonsense. Products needs fixing. Assets want maintaining. Budgets have to be maintained.

So if you are searching for facility management procedures and trends best, you need a document that gets to the idea and delivers insights it is possible to use to cause you to as well as your team better.

That’s why we skipped the fluff and built a written report that is actually, you understand, helpful. Our first Condition of Facility Management statement was built because of the over 550 service management specialists who participated. Supported by real-world data, this record covers the current Condition of the FM Workforce, State of FM Technologies, and State of Services. 

Here are 3 big items we discovered inside this year’s report. Seeking to skip this preview and obtain directly into the report? Download the entire report here, you getter go. 

COVID-19 has taken much toll on facility groups 

It’s not only your waistline band that is feeling extra pressure because of COVID-19 (thanks quarantine). Even though many folks have transitioned to working at home, facility teams have already been on leading lines keeping facilities safe, healthy, and operational. Enhanced cleansing and disinfection methods, changing room layouts, and new upkeep schedules are just a number of the ways service teams have been adding to reopening areas and keeping communities safe and sound. 

These changes attended with a cost. Several respondents highlighted that their currently strained budgets (notice below) had been further cut because of revenue reduction and COVID-19 needs such as for example PPE. With diminished occupancy even, operations and maintenance jobs still have to be completed along with all the new duties being positioned on facility teams. As one respondent place it,”It appears to possess fallen on most of us Facility Directors.”

On an individual level, many facility individuals are feeling the tension of the increased demands. In case you are owning a united team, now as part of your you should  be watching potential signs of employees burnout. Speak to your group about how they’re feeling and make certain it is approved along to senior leadership. Open outlines of communication help associates feel heard and valued, while allowing leadership to react to warning flag before they become issues proactively. 


Your service team went through a lot during the last. Is the time and energy to repay the favor anyhow you can now.

Only 1 / 2 of FM groups have the spending budget they have to accomplish their goals

Doing a lot more with less. It is the battlefield cry for service teams just about everywhere but one which often isn’t completely appreciated by non-facility people. 

If you possess ever felt just like a GoFundMe ought to be started by one to help purchase your facilities maintenance, you aren’t alone. No more than 1 / 2 of our respondents agreed they have the spending budget they have to accomplish their targets and priorities. 

This insufficient budget tells us a couple of things:

  1. Service Directors, Managers, and Specialists are real life MacGyvers 
  2. Amenities are woefully behind with regards to maintenance needs

In this example facility teams are pressured to prioritize the duties that are essential and defer the rest. While you can find healthy degrees of deferred maintenance that organizations can carry, when facilities budget deficits will be the norm, that list may become overwhelming, top to unexpected breakdowns, potential safety hazards, and much more costly maintenance. This puts more pressure on the budgets, resulting in more deferred servicing, and so on and so forth. 

Proactive maintenance sounds excellent…but most teams remain very reactive

Appear, everyone understands the benefits of preventive maintenance. Similar to your car, scheduled checkups regularly, inspections, and maintenance will keep assets in much better condition, decrease long-term expenses, and extend the helpful life of one’s assets. 

What the info tells people is that understanding and doing are usually two completely different things. Most teams end up for the reason that “firefighting” mode, working from task to task with no an opportunity to breathe, let consider implementing more proactive upkeep strategies alone. 

This data is valuable extremely, since it shows the gap between what skillfully developed talk about and what’s actually happening in real life. Best-in-class organizations may be moving to predictive servicing, but you shouldn’t really feel discouraged or method behind if you aren’t there however. Most organizations remain trying to seek out of a reactive condition and implement an effective preventive maintenance plan across their structures.

Download the 2021 State of Facility Management Report


Want a lot more data and insights in to the state of service management? We’ve cut right out the fluff to provide you with what you ought to benchmark your teams efficiency and better program your own future needs. Download the entire report (did we point out it’s free?today ) to really get your copy. And look out this drop for an opportunity to participate in following year’s review. 

Got a question or perhaps a topic you intend to be considered for following year’s report? Let me know!