The apprenticeship opportunity

Linda Hausmanis, IWFM CEO states levy-funded apprenticeships allow companies to purchase their workforce by merging education and learning, work-based learning and continuous advancement

Maximising this opportunity takes a profession with the abilities, training, adaptability and eyesight to help tackle these mega problems whilst optimising rapidly evolving technologies and acting innovatively. The planet of work fast is evolving; the old means of working won’t perform any longer.


Today, FM is encountering a substantial and growing abilities shortage at all recognized levels because of partly to its growth, but to too little applicants with the proper skills also, the after-results of Brexit (before the end of totally free motion, EU nationals accounted for 24 % of the workforce over the abilities spectrum), and demographic adjustments (the common age of facilities supervisors is steadily improving). Our latest Market Outlook study released in April this season revealed that only 18 % of respondents likely to have the ability to recruit employees with the abilities their organisations need on the coming 12 a few months.

IWFM has lengthy argued our profession requirements to spend money on upskilling and attracting brand new skill, and that apprenticeships – employer-centred to supply the abilities and knowledge industry requirements – are an important part of the remedy. The indications are encouraging; our latest Prospects and Pay analysis found positive proof among companies on the professional growth front, with an increase of providing apprenticeships, mentoring and CPD possibilities. Only 1 in a 100 provides nothing, in comparison to 15 % in 2019.

On the supply aspect, the Institute has performed a key function in establishing four FM Apprenticeship Specifications (at levels 2, 3 and 4, and at level 6) now, dealing with stakeholder groups, including main sector schooling and employers providers. These standards enhance the profession pathway that IWFM got already developed to aid facilities experts at every phase of their profession.


In a substantial development, three years following the Level 6 standard was initially developed nearly, a fresh Level 6 ‘Senior/Mind of Facilities Management’ Level Apprenticeship has been offered for the very first time out of this autumn by Bolton University. Directed at those in strategic opportunities within the sector, the program will enable learners to get key abilities in developing and handling policy and strategy, programme and change administration, and operational and specialized leadership; as well assisting to create generic behaviours necessary for professional success, such as for example influencing and collaboration abilities, leadership and a systematic method.

You want to see a better uptake of apprenticeships over the panel and Bolton’s course can be an important and incredibly welcome action in the proper direction. This Levy-funded apprenticeship opens up another superb avenue into senior place of work and facilities administration at a pivotal second for the profession. Employers have already been incentivised to defend myself against apprentices with additional Federal government funding, therefore i hope we will see more and much better apprenticeship provision in the years ahead.

This apprenticeship regular is designed to supply sufficiently transferable skills make it possible for a prosperous apprentice to execute a senior facilities administration role for an company of any dimension and in virtually any relevant field.

Successful completion of an even 6 apprenticeship meets certain requirements for IWFM’s Qualified grade (CIWFM). Once we have established our sights on learning to be a chartered career, the more options which exist for place of work and facilities supervisors to reach the particular level 6 standard the higher for them and for the profession all together.


Level 6 apprenticeships have become an increasingly popular option to traditional, full-time advanced schooling as a pathway to an effective career. They provide the opportunity to start out earning (minus the debt of a normal university diploma), while developing occupational abilities and gaining workplace encounter.

There’s already evidence (from any office for Students) to point that degree apprenticeships assistance social flexibility and diversity by attracting a lot more women participation in male-dominated topics and much more learners from reduced participation and economically disadvantaged locations; a thing that was not achievable prior to the Apprenticeship Levy was released.

By assisting to create a more competent workforce, the known degree 6 FM Apprenticeship will improve innovation, sustainability and productivity through the entire sector. It will help another generation of place of work and facilities specialists to take pleasure from exciting and successful professions in this different and dynamic industry, enabling them to generate much better workplaces and a fresh future of work with the benefit of people.