Tender Analyst – AFOCH – Abu Dhabi


The Tender Analyst will be responsible for leading the entire submissions of Bids, technical and financial proposals in reaction to solicitations from external organizations

The role collaborates over the business’s support departments dealing with different groups to create professionally written proposals and supporting documents that clearly articulate the organization’s value proposition.


· The positioning reports to the Executive Director of Catering & Hospitality Services.

· The Tender Analyst will demonstrate the capability to successfully manage and complete complex bids, within demanding deadlines. They shall have proven experience in relationship building, and externally internally.

· The bid supervisor should execute the function strategically, and also plan and execute at an in depth level yet.

· Register and keep maintaining sign up validity with potential mate within the various industry of Oil & Gasoline, Medical, Educational, Corporate, Federal government and Army Sectors.

· Sign up and keep maintaining registration with on the web bid-platforms that assistance RFP from the above sectors

· Keep up to date with possible tenders and business possibilities available through Press, Mass media, Internet, Social Media. Work Program code

· Engage in bidding for Catering, Cleaning, Light Upkeep, Sport and recreational Services, Manpower offer, Laundry, Guest House Administration and any other region component of RFP.

· Establish procedures to execute and deliver a completed qualifying specialized submission.

· Prepare a technical submission in complete compliance with the tender specifications.

· When and where essential identify consultation providers and foster collaboration with the market.

· Proactively conduct background analysis on topics related to an upcoming solicitation, including a written summary of key expertise and areas highly relevant to these topics.

· Identify, system, and engage important stakeholders in the growth of a proposal in reaction to a solicited or unsolicited demand for a proposal.

· Organize and lead classes with bid/proposal group members and crucial stakeholders.

· Identify and re-work existing pre-written articles into brand-new proposals, where appropriate.

· Organize and lead periods with bid/proposal group members and essential stakeholders.

· Edit and rewrite, to the level practical, proposal reaction from a range of stakeholders, involving contributions from sales typically, marketing, technical/product groups, finance, commercial, lawful and shipping, to ensure clearness and correctness

· Deliver finished composed proposal responses against agreed RFP deadlines, escalating problems as needed.

· Attend pre-bid meeting, site go to and ensure effective conversation with potential customers via email, meeting, on the internet portal

· Present Complex and industrial proposal during a conference with potential customers


· Previous Expertise in Huge tender submission with global Catering or FM companies

· Encounter in managing a group of a minimal of 4/5 individuals

· UAE Market knowledge within Corporate, Hospital, Schooling, Oil & Fuel.

· Business Management diploma

· Cost management ability: Manage industrial proposal and establish agreement spending budget guideline

Work Type: Full-period

Function Remotely:

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Personal protective products provided or necessary

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