Telephone Operator/Switchboard Operator/Receptionist


Ø Calls are found within 3 rings.

Ø Standard phrases used.

Ø Trunk calls have already been accounted for and charged to maximum revenue properly.

Ø Summery sheets are checked and delivered to the night auditor promptly and a whole co-relation of summary sheet with vouchers.

Ø Telephone department room is updated on Executive numbers concerning provide information if the caller is identifiable

Ø House directory extensions are current

Ø Guest complaints are handled diplomatically in order to uphold image and ensure guest satisfaction

Ø Operators are amply trained with house directory official extensions with names of officials.

Ø Telephone staff follows all systems and procedures

Ø No guest complaints are received on wake-up calls/Coffee Tea orders which are requested

Ø Operators give long-distance calls promptly and correctly to the guests

Ø Local calls are properly accounted for and charged to the guests

Ø Faulty telephones are promptly attended by complaining to the maintenance without causing inconvenience to the guests

Ø Check up on telephone equipment on periodic basis

Ø Brief staff concerning the group arrivals and VIP movement

Ø Make sure that the lists of offices and residential addresses and telephone amounts of all personnel can be acquired for reference

Ø Keep abreast on hotel products in addition to on tourist and business traveling information which may be of any interest to your guests.


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