TECHNICIAN/GIS – شركة الجرافات البحرية الوطنية

maintain a top quality

To, effective and safe service on all kind or sort of soil investigation service, such as for example vibro piston and coring sampling and CPT Probing to clients.

To liaise with geologists, engineers, experts and all the stakeholders mixed up in geotechnical investigation/task.

To maintain a top quality, effective and safe geotechnical function and sampling services and in accordance with international standards

Information of suitable geotechnical investigative ways to ensure successful deliverables as mentioned on task scope of function

Ensure that concerns on the high quality of the geotechnical function and sampling procedure and relevant operational issues are usually effectively communicated to senior employees to ensure that concerns to end up being addressed.

To provide leadership, promote teamwork amongst crew users and offer guidance and coaching on company standards, procedures and geotechnical ways to crew members.

Accountable for adherence to company’s Policies, Operational Procedures, Occupational Wellness Environmental and Protection & Quality Standards

Ensure that industry crews are usually suitably trained and equipped to execute the job required of them by giving regular training on complex areas along with general procedural issues

Administration and thorough upkeep of Assets on web site – Geotechnical plant, support automobiles, miscellaneous tools & components etc

Thorough investigation and documentation of most incidences and accidents on site according to Drilling’s procedure

Compliance with business reporting requirement- ensuring information are accurate, routines documented and all charge-able items and actions are usually clearly documented properly.

Support co-workers to develop knowledge, competencies and skills.

Show knowledge of responsibilities and jobs and attain targets timely.

Pursue to end up being result-oriented and be alert to the result-oriented organizational lifestyle.

Proactively serve and react to client needs to be able to meet company priorities constructively.

Collaborate and efficiently with all colleagues through the entire organization constructively.

share and

Look for information and ideas to be able to improve and optimize efficiency. Support colleagues to attain the common goals.

Show respect, loyalty and flexibility towards co-workers throughout the organization.

Communicate and succinctly orally and on paper clearly.

Able to solve difficulties or disputes adequately. If necessary, include the supervisor timely.

Verbal communication/ Language skills

Needed: English

Any other language can be an asset.

Composed communication skills

Needed: English

Any other language can be an asset.

IT skills

MS Office

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