TECHNICAL ENGINEER – شركة الجرافات البحرية الوطنية

Help Geotechnical Manager and Mind of Geotechnical Functions in managing all geotechnical engineering and operational issues

Assisting with the look of structures, using specialised calculations or even software

Evaluation the soil parameters and measure the balance of structures under seismic and normal conditions.

Evaluation geotechnical data and preparing of geotechnical interpretative record (GIR).

Analyze geotechnical findings, execute appropriate calculations and get ready information reports to Manager.

analyse and

Design the product quality control of the bottom improvement works,

Analyse and Measure the post and pre enhancement testing, CPTU, Zone Load Tests, Boreholes, etc.

Develop style drawings and specs for construction tasks

Strategy and effectively perform geotechnical investigation.

supervise and

Design site and floor investigations.

Analyze the soil parameters and offer insight to the dredging creation estimators

Evaluation geotechnical design produced by alternative party consultants.

Interact with client, group and sub-contractors members to perform the assigned task on-time.

Review construction style proposals and verify geotechnical factors.

Ensure correct design method as per QA/QC requirements and procedure.

This is really a generalist view of employment which you have been assigned for – sometimes you might be ask to accomplish above/beyond the scope of the role because of Operational requirements

Be in a position to manage and works together with personnel with various cultural backgrounds.

inspire and

Motivate colleagues to build up knowledge, competencies and skills. Provide goal and constructive feedback within an appropriate way.

Stimulate the result-oriented organizational culture simply by regularly posting the division’s efficiency and results.

Take ownership of very own objectives arranged and of the goals of the division.

Show respect, loyalty and versatility towards colleagues through the entire organization.

Collaborate constructively and efficiently with all known ranges within and beyond your organization orally and on paper. Listen and become persuasive within reasoning actively.

Communicate and succinctly orally and on paper clearly. Adapt written and oral conversation style to the target audience.

Generate the noticeable alter and advancement of the division.

Be in a position to identify and mitigate dangers within the scope of the division and linked to other divisions/ section interfaces.

Verbal communication/ Vocabulary skills

Needed: English

Any other language can be an asset.

Composed communication skills

Necessary: English

Any other language can be an asset.

IT skills

MS Office

Slope/W or equivalents

Plaxis 2D

D-Sheet or equivalents or Wallap

LPile or equivalents

Liquefaction and settlement style tools



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