Talkington Bates serves up new concept in workplace catering

The bespoke agreement caterer has launched a fresh flexible catering offer you to support businesses because they start preparation the post-Covid go back to the office.

The FLx Catering Remedy is really a completely flexible present to help organisations attempting to provide catering within their go back to work program but concerned about registering to long-expression contracts and fixed provider levels at this uncertain time.

The offer contains quarterly or biannual contracts; a three, 4 or 5 day-a-week support offering with variable services levels to support changing headcounts; set overhead operating costs; decreased service or yearly closures in the Xmas and summer breaks; and flexible payment conditions.

Paul Bates, Co-founder and MD of Talkington Bates said: “Providing catering within the go back to work programme will certainly reduce the need for folks to risk entering external foods outlets while enabling the much-needed collaboration with co-workers in a safe room. FLx can help organisations offer an essential food give to their individuals while being completely versatile with regards to contracts and mind count. It offers businesses a pick n mixture of requirements to match their individual requirements. We’ve supported our customers through this pandemic and we’ll continue steadily to do all we are able to to facilitate a cost-effective go back to the workplace.”

The brand-new offering will dsicover Talkington Bates continue steadily to use local providers and concentrate on providence and higher degrees of sustainability.