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Tafawuq Facility Management Review

Facility Management companies have taken many burdens off from organizations to maintain their work environment and perform other logistics tasks. In the whole world, facility management is taking by storm and bringing innovative ideas to add value to organizations’ businesses. The organizations the UAE market, and there are a lot of FMs. However, the question arises which one should you choose if you need the services of an FM? So, we are here to bring you a clear option for such services. Tafawuq Facility Management is there to fetch you exceptional services and meet the level of your expectations. But hold on, an FM company is also there to meet your requirements with the better options, and that is Rafeeg Facilities Management. Let’s know more about it.


Tafawuq Facility Management is playing at a more significant level. However, if you are looking for FM services within the UAE but the best and cost-effective, Rafeeg FM can bring you the satisfaction level. Both companies have a team of specialized and skillful personnel who are always willing to deliver the highest quality of services. But it is worth mentioning that Rafeeg Facilities Management is a more cost-effective and affordable than Tafawuq FM. Moreover, both companies deal with different sectors, like Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, and industrial. The FM Companies are committed to looking after the properties at various scales. Rafeeg FM deals with a single building to a full account portfolio while Tafawuq works at a larger scale now.

Tafawuq has a mission to become a market leader in the facilities management services. Simultaneously, Rafeeg FM wants to become a team of the most innovative professional and an advanced Facilities Management company in the region. So far, it is succeeding well. The value addition in the core businesses of the clients is the ultimate goal of both companies. If you need FM services with guaranteed satisfaction at an affordable price, then Rafeeg FM can be the best option for you.

About Tafawuq Facilities Management

Tafawuq FM is a subsidiary of the Eltizam Assets Management Group. The company headquarter is in Abu Dhabi and was established in 2008. When it came into being, it was called as Three60 Estates Managements. However, in 2014, it was renamed as Tafawuq Facilities Management. Since then, it has grown a lot, backed by its excellent service quality, customer happiness, and value-added to organizations. Tafawuq Facilities Management works with passion and dedication and believes in having a significant impact on the living and working environment of communities, public sectors, and businesses. Moreover, FM is always inclined to bringing innovative ideas to increase the standard of an organization.

Moreover, their mission is to achieve exceptional customer happiness and satisfaction by providing a safe, engaging, and pleasant environment through innovative solutions. The values of Tafawuq FM are the result-orientation, integrity, innovation, and dedication to the company. That’s why they now have over 200 happy clients served by a team of 2000 professionals.

Tafawuq FM Services

Tafawuq FM provides both hard and soft facility management services. Either you need the maintenance of premises or project planning services, Tafawuq will always come with the best solutions. However, here is a list of the dedicated services of Tafawuq FM.

  • Hard Services: These services are related to maintenance and cannot be removed. The hard services provided by Tafawuq FM are the following.
    • MEP Services (Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing maintenance)
    • Maintenance of Lifts, Gates, Barriers, and BMS
    • Building civil, infrastructure, and architectural works including masonry, painting, carpentry, and waterproofing/water leak rectification works
    • Fire Protection System
    • Building information modeling
  • Soft Services: These services are related to making an environment better and pleasant to work or live in. Soft services of Tafawuq Facilities Management are the following.
    • Cleaning and Pest Control
    • Security
    • Landscaping
    • Facade Cleaning
    • Waste Management
    • FM Consultancy
    • Project management services
    • Fit-out management services
    • HVAC and air-conditioning system supply, installation, and commissioning
    • Security systems supply, installation, and commissioning
    • Carpark management systems supply, installation, and commissioning
    • 24/7 contact and support

Tafawuq Facility Management System

With the evolution of technology, Tafawuq also uses the latest technology to meet local and international standards. Last year, they introduced Tafawuq GO, a new maintenance mobility solution that reduces the use and paper and eventually complying with the UAE paperless strategy. Also, Tafawuq GO can be fully integrated with SAP, and the technician can scan Barcode while starting and finishing the routine tasks. Moreover, it also allows uploading images and videos, monitoring material inventory levels, and converting voice instructions to text. According to Nicholas, the General Manager of Tafawuq, this technology has taken us ahead of the curve from behind the arc.

Apart from this, they have successfully done the test and trials of intelligent cleaning robots; they are inducting these robots to streamline the services.

Tafawuq Facilities Management Contact information

After going through the above content, you will now be curious to know the contact information of Tafawuq FM. How can you contact? You can approach Tafawuq Facilities Management through:

However, the Rafeeg FM contact info is also here:

Tafawuq Facility Management Jobs

The company believes that great people create great technology, platforms, and service operations. Hence they are always looking for talented and skillful persons to take the company to the next level. While the company’s motto is to take care of your employee’s happiness, and they will take care of the customer’s satisfaction. So, it is one of the best companies for a career as well as skill development.

Tafawuq FM Pricing Plans

Tafawuq Facilities Management has two different annual pricing plans. The plans are the following.

  • Office and Retail Package 
  • Home Package

Office and Retail Package

This pricing plan by Tafawuq Facility Management has three further plans Basic, Advanced, and Gold. Each plan has different services included. The following table can show you a better picture.

PlanAir ConditioningElectricalPlumbingCarpentry & AluminiumMasonry / Minor Civil WorkCleaningPest ControlOffice Boy


Home Package

Home Package of Tafawuq Facilities Management includes three services Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical. However, in this package, 3x Air conditioning, 2x plumbing, and 1x electrical are included. 

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