Survey confirms increase use of technology in post-pandemic workplace

The go back to the workplace presents FMs with many challenges but there’s also a bunch of opportunities; with technology playing an essential role. These were a number of the key points discussed through the Future of the Workplace – A WORLDWIDE Perspective, at Tuesday’s Facilities Show Connect 2021.

The discussion revolved around research by MRI Software together with CoreNet Global of nearly 200 property occupiers/tenants and 50 landlords representing a number of sizes and industry verticals. The survey discovered that many tenants remain unsure of these eventual policies for balancing remote and office work, while both tenants and landlords are thinking about or implementing physical changes at work to handle social distancing and hygiene concerns.

Unsurprisingly, tenants and landlords plan to increase their using technology make it possible for the the more flexible requirements of workplaces post-pandemic

In accordance with Andy Birch, VP Portfolio Marketing, MRI PROPERTY Software what this suggests for facilities managers is that that which was often viewed as reactive position ahead of Covid is now an integral strategic role.

“The task now for FMs would be to work out what’s obtainable in terms of work spaces and make decisions on how best to get people to go back to the office. They’ve a broad remit round the preparation of workplaces, from the usage of the working office, i.e. exits and entry, day to issues such as for example staggering the working.”

The survey also revealed that landlords think more folks are already back any office than their tenants have reported. This optimism reaches landlords expecting tenants at work earlier than tenants are reporting back.

Commented Nicholas Franks Marketing Director, MRI PROPERTY Software

“We discuss go back to work, but what we’re seeing is that companies are open however they aren’t full.  For this reason within the last year workplace return solutions have already been a focal point for most organisations and just why MRI has been attempting to give a knowledge base on the continuing future of the workplace.”

Technology will be among the key ways organisations navigate the disruption, but as Birch explained it’s first remit is in improving the client experience. “ Where tech ties in is to make it easier for the landlord to provide those forms of experiences more seamlessly. A savvy landlord may use an app to supply to occupiers to greatly help lease out the area to begin with.”

In the event that you missed this or any session, you can get on download the discussion utilizing the link below.



10:00 & 10:45 SWG and Planon product demos with live Q&A

12:00 Digital FM: Accelerate Your Cost Saving, Engagement and compliance Strategies with the most recent Facilities Management Technology.


  • Chris Edwards, Group Director, Informa Markets


  • Mike Brooman, CEO, Vanti
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Insight from Service Works’ FM Software Survey show a big portion of FMs are actually integrating their CAFM system with a minumum of one other system to boost data accuracy and streamline services. Technology such as for example BIM platforms, BMS, health & safety, space management or CAD help develop a single version of the fact FMs can simply access and manage effectively.

The Panel will outline how effective CAFM and data driven decision making can improve building performance and help generate tangible ROI for users.


  • Sara Bean, Editor, FMJ


  • Edward Payne, Chief Engineer, Kettering General Hospital
  • Hazel Bedson, Strategy Director, Service Works Global
  • Mark Griffiths MSc CIWFM, Managing and founder Director, WMA Consultancy Services Ltd