Sun European take on ownership of Bellrock to help accelerate growth

Facilities and property provider Bellrock has secured new ownership from Sun European Partners, LLP an exclusive investment advisory firm. Based on the facilities and property management firm, the brand new partnership will enable Bellrock to capitalise on a distinctive and differentiated business design delivered through Concerto – the propriety and integrated technology platform.

David Smith, CEO Bellrock said: “We have been very excited to be partnering with Sun European, giving us the chance to accelerate growth, concentrating on key market challenges around carbon and sustainability net zero, whilst continuing our investment in disruptive technologies such as for example advanced data and automation analytics. Sun European comes with an excellent history of driving growth within its portfolio companies, leveraging its operational experience to aid defensible businesses making them the perfect partner for all of us.

Through the previous ownership by Horizon Capital, Bellrock has seen its revenues quadruple to over £160m. Along with organic growth, the acquisition of 11 add-on companies has generated scale, depth in new sectors and geographic reach while broadening Bellrock’s capability adding and set strength to its technology offering. The transformation has been underpinned by continuous investment in Concerto, putting Bellrock in an excellent position to capitalise on estate digitisation and future trends in the FM and property market.

Continued Smith: “I’d like to thank Horizon Capital, who through our journey together, have helped us deliver, expand, today and evolve Bellrock in to the market-leader it is. We are proud to own FM market a differentiated proposition challenging the original low service FM delivery model.

“Our management team are fully committe d and worked up about another stage of our journey and dealing with Sun European to realise the entire potential of the business enterprise.”

Gerry Higgins, Chairman Bellrock said: “Witnessing Bellrock’s growth from the small retail focused Facilities Management provider into its present position because the UK’s leading holistic FM and property services business has been among the highlights of my business career. With technology at its core and customer support established in its DNA firmly, the company is currently uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities provided through this exciting partnership with Sun European.”

Said Paul Daccus, Managing Director, Sun European Partners. “We have been very excited to be partnering with Bellrock and continue its excellent history of organic growth in addition to its buy and build strategy.”  . “They will have an extremely experienced management team with a successful history of integrating acquisitions and gaining market share through their proprietary software offering. We anticipate partnering with the united team because they transition with their next phase of growth.”