Success tastes sweet as UK sewer cleaning leader Lanes marks 30th anniversary

Happy 30th Anniversary – Lanes Team LEADER Wayne Earnshaw cuts aircraft vac tanker cake at Manchester HQ

Lanes Team plc LEADER Wayne Earnshaw offers marked the 30th anniversary of the business his dad founded by producing the first reduce in a cake designed like a plane vac tanker at the company’s Greater Manchester HQ.

The UK’s largest independent drainage and wastewater expert operates a huge selection of the specialist automobiles that can thoroughly clean sewers and suck up waste materials for secure disposal.

So that it was flawlessly apt that the cake baked to indicate the 30th anniversary appeared as if a mini edition of the eye-catching white and pink tanker lorries which have become an extremely common view on roads over the UK.

Slices of the chocolate cake – created by East Lancashire expert baker Molly Robbins, previous star of Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Manufacturers – later made delicious treats for co-workers at the Lanes Manchester depot and HQ workplaces.

Wayne Earnshaw mentioned: “We’re pleased with what Lanes has attained during the last three years, delivering drainage services with respect to many water companies, thousands of millions and businesses of individuals.

“On the full years, those ongoing services have already been delivered by plenty of dedicated and extremely professional people, including our current groups. So we will be celebrating their contributions on the rest of 2022.”

Wayne Earnshaw’s dad, Allan Earnshaw, and Graham Tattershall triggered the company’s rapid development if they purchased Lanes for Drains from its founder, John Lane, april 1992 on 21st.

What started as drainage business with one depot in Leeds, West Yorkshire, provides since grown to use more than 35 services depots and utility hubs quickly, and a turnover of over £300million.

Lanes is among the United kingdom’s largest wastewater upkeep service providers now. Clients include Thames Drinking water, Severn Trent, Yorkshire Drinking water, Scottish Drinking water, Dwr Cymru Welsh Drinking water, and Northumbrian Drinking water.

In 2020, the ongoing firm launched its latest business enterprise, establishing Lanes Infrastructure to provide excavation and ducting set up providers for the broadband market.

The Lanes-i launch is a big success, with the business enterprise building a developing portfolio of contracts, aided by a forward thinking business design that combines electronic operational systems along with industry-leading quality and protection standards.

Lanes Team:


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