Study finds air purification systems can reduce airborne pathogens by around 50%

Airborne pathogens within an office environment could be significantly reduced through effective air purification techniques according to a fresh research undertaken by The University of Lincoln.

The record, commissioned by Intratek, suppliers of a few of the world top air purification techniques, has discovered that the degrees of airborne micro-organisms could be reduced by around 50 % having an effective air purification program.

This project had been fully funded by The Efficiency Program for Greater Lincolnshire that is a European Regional Growth Fund Programme.

The independent investigation by the University of Lincoln in to the efficacy of Intratek’s biocidal surroundings handling unit viewed differences in the degrees of microbial development between treated and untreated air flow.  The University’s scientific team found statistically-significant distinctions when the oxygen handling device was operational and figured, typically, bacterial counts dropped by half and fungal counts decreased by around two thirds once the unit was within an office location.

The report is of particular significance taking into consideration the threat posed at work by airborne pathogens, including respiratory viruses such as for example Covid-19, although reductions in viral particles weren’t tested within the University of Lincoln’s study.

The regulation requires employers to make sure an adequate way to obtain fresh air at work along with good ventilation.  This, in conjunction with sociable distancing and regular handwashing, are a number of the key actions employers have to introduce if they’re to reduce the chance of spreading coronavirus at work.

Great ventilation reduces the focus of pathogens within the atmosphere and for that reason reduces the dangers from airborne transmitting. This happens when individuals breathe small particles (aerosols) which can be within the air after somebody with a virus provides occupied a specific area.  Through the cold winter season, providing sufficient ventilation can pose problems keeping in mind employees warm.  Utilizing an effective surroundings purification system might help provide clean air flow minus the cold.

Matthew Alexander, Director at Intratek, commented “This research ought to be a welcome enhance for businesses seeking to provide a safer employee environment for workers. The government’s suggestions about ensuring climate helps reduce the threat of pathogens spreading and our atmosphere purification systems are actually proven to get rid of microorganisms from surroundings in a genuine world work place.” 

In the analysis, time period air treated simply by Intratek’s biocidal air dealing with unit has been tested twice daily more than a 22. The report figured there was an, “Overall reduction observed in fungal and bacterial counts as a functionality of air handling. This has resulted in an overall reduction observed in bacterial / fungal counts extracted from an working work place”.