STARC Launches Temporary Containment System

STARC Techniques , a manufacturer of temporary modular wall containment options useful for occupied infection and renovations isolation, released FireblockWall™, a modular reusable one-hour fire-rated temporary fence. It stops fires, maintaining patients, staff, and visitors secure in health care environments, while exceeding ICRA Course IV (infection manage), ASTM Electronic119, and ASTM Electronic84 needs.

“Our customers have already been requesting a one-hour fire-rated containment answer,” stated Bruce Bickford, VP of Item Development at STARC Techniques. “Facility supervisors have a significant responsibility during an occupied health care renovation task. If something will go wrong and the Joint Commission, Condition Inspector, or Fire Marshal investigates, it drops on the service manager to describe every details. STARC uses comments from customers to inform our item innovations and resolve their most challenging requirements. FireblockWall relieves our customers from thinking if they’re meeting the correct safety specifications.”

FireblockWall panels are usually durable and reusable. Installation demands minimum labor, with two laborers in a position to use a 10′ x 15′ corner room in 90 minutes-faster than conventional drywall, plus no taping, mudding, sanding, painting, or tidy up.

A number of interconnecting perimeter tracks generate the FireblockWall frame. These Telescoping elements become a frame to protected FireblockWall to pre-current structures. Telescoping efficiency and “snap-cut” perforations supply flexibility to regulate the tracks to the precise size required, while pre-drilled installation holes raise the speed of set up. The very best and sides of the perimeter monitor assembly is established with the same components. Floor tracks create underneath part of the perimeter monitor and so are one-hour fire-ranked with or without floor bolts.

Made to meet NFPA 101 or IBC code, a fire-rated wall should be constructed from the ground to the deck above. FireblockWall meets certain requirements of a one-hour fire-rated detailed assembly when set up to spec using its perimeter tracks; designed panels specially, including pre-designed negative air flow doors and panels; and supporting components.

A poor air panel discharges air, keeping dangerous pull out the ground, and closes the damper when temperatures exceed 165° automatically. In addition, FireblockWall contains an air monitor panel that’s appropriate for common manometers and contains a 2″ rated go through for wiring. The temporary fence features noise-blocking having an STC rating of 40 also.

“After switching from traditional containment strategies, such as for example sheetrock and poly, to STARC’s FireblockWall panels, we noticed a drastic distinction in the proper time we spend establishing containment in the industry,” said Adam Bouffard, Structure Supervisor, Hebert Construction. “Not merely do these panels provide a safer, better work site, however they provide us with a specialist looking also, durable, reusable containment remedy for use on upcoming projects.”

With FireblockWall, a one-hour fire-rated option can be set up in four methods:

  1. Mark a center range and mount the pre-drilled telescoping perimeter tracks. Tracks could be personalized to length.
  2. Location the FireblockWall panels utilizing a lift and drop link (no equipment required).
  3. Fill monitor to panel gaps with fire-ranked insulation.
  4. Place monitor covers to complete.

Fire-ranked corners, doors, and accessories can be found when it’s required by the task, including deal with sets with multiple lock choices, based on the known degree of security needed.

“STARC is focused on delivering worth beyond our customers’ anticipations while addressing long-position containment challenges in probably the most sensitive of occupied health care environments,” mentioned Chris Vickers, CEO and president of STARC Techniques. “We set the typical for temporary modular containment with RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™, and we’re thrilled to improve the bar again by presenting FireblockWall now, the first and just reusable one-hour fire-rated alternative.”

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