Principal Features (Major Regions of Responsibility):

Administers the structure, definition, manage of the Data source by ensuring precision, confidentiality, safety, accessibility and integrity of information. Help out with Storage and Program related administration tasks. Maintains and installs the Data source up-to-date with the most recent patch installation. Provide necessary assistance to the administration and energetic participation in clearing and screening of New Assistance Requests (NSR).

Duties & Duties :

1. Defines data components and structure of the info processed within the operational systems.

2. Assist in Styles and implements high availability databases and systems. 
3. Assists within automating data base upkeep jobs, DBA duties through shell scripts, assists in implementing information archive maintains and program and enforces information integrity rules to make sure data accuracy.

4. Provides tech support team related to installing RDBMS, software program and maintains software relative to the most recent patch installations.

5. Continuously monitors file use and suggest re-organization since so when required for much better utilization of the prevailing facilities.

6. Arranges for data source and program back-ups and safety copies to make sure recovery, if necessary.

7. Maintains a contingency arrange for data recuperation and periodic tests and trial of the contingency plan to guarantee its validity.

8. Monitors current system functionality of the operational program and data source and assists within identification and correction of overall performance bottlenecks; ensures the provision of a day data base support. Maintains protection and confidentiality of information.

9. Helps within performing source configuration and program code management and necessary support for growth environment.

10. Interfaces with vendors tech support team for systems and data source related issues

11. Provide essential support to the administration and active participation within clearing and screening of New Program Requests (NSR).

ormal Schooling Required: Bachelor’s Diploma in Electronic devices/Electrical/Telecom Engineering and/or Computer Technology

Related Expert Training, Qualification or Membership: Mandatory 
 Preferred Expert IT Certification in Data source Administration AND/OR System Management

Yrs & Field of Encounter required: 3-4 years within Database Administration.
3-4 yrs in System Management

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