Principal Functions (Major Regions of Obligation):

1. Manage the preparation, preparing and coordination of CAPEX Spending budget (Budget Planning, Budget Manage and Capitalization) for the whole company.

2. To keep technical CAPEX KPIs based on the corporate goals and communicate improvement in form of reviews and dashboards to Administration & CTO

3. Manage of RFI, Tender, RFP/RFQ to make sure prior budget availability within procurement cycle.

Duties & Duties :
1. Preparation, planning, manage and closing of Etisalat UAE CAPEX on month-to-month and yearly basis linked to various Technical tasks under Central engineering along with other departments ensuring deadlines and high quality standards.

2. Manage of RFI, Tender, RFP/RFQ to make sure budget availability prior within procurement routine and effectively applies CAPEX body methodology to enforce CAPEX Spending budget standards.

3. Manage the approval procedure to help the stake holders Spending budget requirements on ongoing tasks for smooth project execution.

4. Administration reporting of the CAPEX utilization in line with the certain specific areas of Spend, Trend monthly, Variance analysis to recognize regions of concern, Budget Financial savings etc. for choice making with regards to network transformation, advancement Optimization and program of Network element.

5. Maintain Specialized CAPEX KPIs and evaluate impact of various departments on the Specialized cost and budget.

6. Manage and manage Expenditure Authorization requests (CEARs/SEARs/Recharge).

7. Support the task owners to perform the project specialized closeout reports and publish all necessary documentations, according to the technical task closeout procedures

8. Evaluate impact of various departments on the Specialized cost and budget.

9. To maintain/improve requirements and quality of function governed by the ISO specifications implemented under ISO 9001/2008 certification awarded to the Budget and manage section
10. Upgrade of Devolution of Powers (DoP) completely coordination with Finance since so when needed.
11. Manage and offer direction and assistance to subordinates professionally; evaluates the efficiency of subordinates and bears out counseling to boost.

12. Nurture and establish optimistic relationships, communication along with and customer organizations

13. Identifies assets needed and assigns person duties to facilitate workflow and guarantee workload fairness

14. Reviews deliverables made by team to verify its complement with needed criteria

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