Sodexo signs partnership agreement with Uber Eats

Sodexo has released a partnership with food delivery company, Uber Eats, make it possible for Sodexo Pass Restaurant cards holders in France to get a dinner delivered from their preferred restaurants, a week without minimum order required a week, up to the worthiness of 38 euros each day (£32.81).

The partnership will undoubtedly be extended to additional European Latin and nations America within the coming months.

Sodexo says the brand new service “complements the existing online transaction and ordering providing with the Pass Restaurant cards, and represents a significant chance of the 22,000 merchants and dining places partnering with Uber Eats and Sodexo in France” .

Sodexo additional that the contract “proceeds to illustrate the acceleration of the digitalisation of Sodexo’s Benefits and Benefits offerings for the thousands of French workers that are Pass Restaurant cards holders” .

Made up of a revolutionary and unique group of Application Programming Interfaces, this new service, built-in with the Uber Eats technologies platform fully, guarantees users a straightforward, and secure payment encounter fast.

Aurélien Sonet, Worldwide CEO of Sodexo Benefits and Benefits Services, mentioned: “This partnership is a good step of progress for Sodexo and Uber Eats, who’ve very complementary methods to the brand new challenges of the worker and workplace experience.

“Together, we have been providing an additional reaction to employee versatility and nomadism. We have developed a standard that may easily end up being reused by various other countries with a good co-construction on the buyer journey.

“Because the global head in Standard of living services, we continue steadily to innovate to enhance the standard of life of workers at the job.”