Sodexo commits to apprenticeship levy gifting to SMEs

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week Sodexo has focused on transferring £800,000 of its annual apprenticeship levy to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This represents a 25 % donation of the company’s £3.3 million government levy to aid apprenticeship training.

Sodexo has been an advocate of apprenticeships long, and because the national government introduced the levy in 2017 to generate longterm sustainable funding for apprentices, Sodexo has been proactively encouraging its employees to take into account apprenticeships as a genuine method of personal development, and using apprenticeships as a genuine method of addressing identified skill gaps.

The company also requires a proactive method of levy transfer to aid other organisations who could reap the benefits of apprenticeship training. Through levy transfer, Sodexo has so supported 63 apprentices at SMEs far, with more coming up to speed regularly.

One such SME is Fiesta Sports Coaching, an east Midlands-based provider of primary and secondary multisport after-school and camps clubs for children aged 4 to 18. A focus is had by the club on helping teenagers to build up through sport, looking to foster a life-long love to be active. Because of levy gifting from Sodexo, Fiesta Sports Coaching can train its coaches by way of a grouped community Sport and Health Apprenticeship.

John Mulholland, Director of Fiesta Sports Coaching, said: “Sodexo was recommended to us by our training provider, Aspire Training Solutions, and the partnership has been invaluable. It’s essential our business can concentrate on the working job of delivering our coaching services and running the business, rather than on what we shall fund working out of our apprentices.

“Our apprentices will now have the professional training necessary to become up-skilled associates who are with the capacity of delivering our programmes and add additional value to the business and the neighborhood communities we operate in.”

Sue Davison, Head of Apprenticeships at Sodexo, added: “We have been passionate about developing our very own employees, but to benefiting the communities where we serve also, and gifting our apprenticeship levy is a superb opportunity to do that.

“We have been building on our existing apprenticeships programme at Sodexo to make sure all appropriate vacancies and job roles are believed being an apprenticeship.

“We have been also passionate about supporting SME growth and see apprenticeship levy gifting as an excellent opportunity to take action truly meaningful with long-term benefits.”