Snickers Workwear’s NEWEST work gloves for healthy hands

There’s a very important factor that Expert Tradesmen and Females can’t do without should they need to get their jobs completed properly – Healthy Hands!

So take proper care of your most significant tools and select a pair that’s correct for your work to guarantee the ultimate within dexterity, durability, protection and comfort. THE MOST RECENT designs offer higher ‘cut defense’ plus wind and waterproof designs.

With advanced designs, material and features combinations, there’s something to match a multitude of trades, and workplaces, climate and hazardous conditions.

Added to that your superior ergonomic designs ensure solid, secure grips while advanced patterns, ribs and vents coupled with durable materials mix comfort and protection, ventilation and waterproofing, wind and insulation protection, features so that you can use your cellular phone even. What’s more, for expert use where safe practices standards are fundamental requirements, the ProtecWork Gloves are Sobre certified for protection and performance in hazardous environments.


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