Snickers Workwear – work together with you for climate control

New designs from Snickers Workwear deliver wintertime cooling and warmth convenience when it’s needed.

only do you want to stay hot with Snickers Workwear’s 37

Not.5® Technology clothing, you’ll appear and too feel cool. With designs for both professional ladies and tradesmen, they master ventilation to help keep you moisture and cool transportation to avoid you getting cold. They work to help keep you operating comfortably wherever you’re on site together.

The 37.5® Technology material is an extremely quick-drying materials that captures and releases moisture vapour – such as your sweat – for excellent coolness and dry functioning comfort. It’s built-into selected Snickers Workwear bottom- mid- and top-level garments to help keep you operating at your best regardless of the weather.

After all, keeping a balanced function temperature isn’t about staying great and in great form just, it’s a issue of one’s wellbeing and job protection.

Therefore, to ensure you get the proper protection, visibility, flexibility, ventilation and durability, browse the Climate Manage garments from Snickers Workwear that will ongoing work together to fit your workday.


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