Snickers Workwear – Superior, Ergonomic Knee Protection with KneeGuard PRO

Snickers Workwear’s Kneeguard™ is really a fully qualified, trademarked program for knee security against kneeling accidents and daily knocks at the job. The mix of Kneeguard™ pads and the Kneeguard PRO positioning program in Snickers workwear trousers is really a crucial combination for dependable knee protection.

In Snickers Workwear trousers kneepad pockets, it is possible to adjust the kneepads to various heights to make sure correct positioning – for you personally – for maximum defense. There’s also various kinds of Kneepads to match various kinds of trousers to match different jobs on web site. Such as the expert kneepads for the Floorlayer trousers and the slim-fit Kneepads particularly for the slim-suit trousers.

The initial design functions make the kneepads incredibly flexible once you walk also, yet they near around your knees once you kneel down – without your knees sliding off once you move around.

With outstanding impact safety, the market-top D30® Ergo kneepads are constructed with a unique materials that moulds around your knee to supply enhanced impact security and are ideal for tradesmen and females who spend lots of time focusing on their knees.


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