Sika’s flexible solution for fire rated joints

Not merely are building joints possible weak spots for atmosphere and water leakages, however they can gas the spread of warmth also, flames and smoke. For efficient passive fire security, Sikasil® 670 Fire Ranked Silicone Joint Sealant from constructing chemicals producer Sika can help contain and manage the propagation of fire by restoring the fire level of resistance for both inner and exterior joints.

Sika’s Sikasil® 670 Fire Ranked Silicone Joint Sealant may be used with regular polyethylene foam backing rods to attain the required degree of passive fire defense, and is fire ranked to offer around 4 hrs of fire resistance in accordance with EN 1366-4.

fitted to both wall and flooring joints

Ideally, and particularly link and motion joints within fire compartments such as for example stairwells and corridors, Sika’s Sikasil® 670 Fire Ranked Silicone Joint Sealant provides been developed to provide exceptional flexibility specifically . It can be applied to different porous and non-porous substrates furthermore, both and out inside. Easy to use sufficient reason for excellent adhesion, the sealant is moisture-curing and is resistant to weathering highly.

Sikasil® 670 Fire Ranked Silicone Joint Sealant will be section of Sika’s extensive selection of passive fire safety solutions, developed to greatly help contain and manage the distribute of fire also to restore the fire opposition of linear joints, cavity barriers and penetration seals. By assisting to contain and manage fire, Sika’s passive fire security range might help extend enough time for occupants to end up being properly evacuated when used within a thorough fire safety technique.

Further advice, product guidance and complete specification support can be found also, with Sika’s group of experienced technical group able to produce comprehensive evaluations for more difficult applications predicated on key criteria like the substrate, kind of anticipated and joint degree of movement.

A full summary of all of the products available are available on the web at  and by downloading a duplicate of the Sika’s item brochure.


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