SHIFT SUPERVISOR – شركة ابوظبي الوطنية للفنادق

Bodyshop – Shift Supervisor

Workshop D epartment

Main Accountabilities / Duties :

P lanning and checking the ongoing work of body repairs staff, implementing procedures, using corrective measures.

Prepare estimates for damages, ordering needed parts and coordinate with store & buying team.

Create monthly reports on damages and pending payments due from insurance provider and third parties.

Go to workshop meetings as necessary.

1 HSE Responsibilities:

Communicating the ongoing safe practices Policies and Procedures to the employees under his jurisdiction or supervision.

Communicating medical and Safety Policies and Procedures to the employees under his jurisdiction or supervision.

Going to in HSE Team meetings, Inspections, Audits, Campaigns etc.

Coordinating and helping HSE division to recognize specific training needs of employees and arranging internal & external trainings.

Deliver Tool Box Foretells enhance HSE knowing of employees.

Consider lead in emergency & crisis management and in emergency drills.

2 HSE Accountability:

Providing operational Induction to Employees.

Ensuring mandatory/contractual trainings supplied to employees before deployment.

Vehicle Inspections and corrective actions.

Submission of monthly HSE statistics

Communicational and Working Relationships/ Work Contacts

Connection with body shop staff along with other employees of the ongoing company.

Connection with insurance co, clients, shop & workshop controller.

Connection with Accident Officer to find the vehicle history along with other reports

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