Senior Vice President – Development – Aldar – Abu Dhabi



  • Perform business development routines for land, home retail and mixed-use resources
  • Identify new own advancements opportunities
  • Recommend developments portfolio strategy (including sub-segment mix)
  • Support in sourcing new investment with third parties (e.g. JVs, project finance, etc..)
  • Support in sourcing developments pre-selling/pre-leasing guarantee from end-users.
  • Develop and prioritize pipeline of potential new developments on land bank.
  • Identify long-list of potential opportunities.
  • Develop framework for preliminary prioritization / screening.
  • Develop feasibility studies for residential, retail and mixed-use assets and seek approval from line manager
  • Perform project costing in coordination with Project Management.
  • Develop financial model in collaboration with Partnerships & Investment along with other relevant functions
  • Manage development appraisal to make sure accuracy and identify factors impacting the development performance at the initial opportunity.
  • Manage developments from inception to completion relative to the Investment Control Process to make sure timely delivery within established parameters.
  • Make suggestion to the Director on optimum and balanced answers to problems arising through the development procedure
  • Support in choosing design manage and short input and overall performance from Project Management.
  • Critique, analyze and problem the design proposals introduced by consultants and suggestions by internal assets to make sure that key development requirements are achieved.
  • Develop and manage the Procurement and Phasing strategy in collaboration with Project Management.
  • Support in choosing detailed project costs predicated on Project and Procurement Management input
  • Support in the choice, negotiation, appointment of consultants, service and contractors providers predicated on Procurement’s recommendation
  • Support in choosing project schedule, anticipate and resolve possible roadblocks to completion of construction to make sure on-time project delivery
  • Address key procurement contract variations due to differences in project design raising major issues to the line manager
  • Produce and manage the development’s Risk Register
  • Perform continuous tabs on project and design deliverables, risk and program register.
  • Provide constant progress updates and monthly written reports on construction progress.
  • Identify major issues or conflicts and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Monitor development budgets against projected and actual costs and recommend appropriate solutions on deviations
  • Support in the negotiation of the Heads of Terms for asset purchase and lease agreements with all third party entities in collaboration with internal leasing and legal departments.
  • Support in collaboration with internal sales, leasing and legal departments in the production of the Heads of Terms for sales contracts and retail leases.
  • Support in choosing refined commercial strategy predicated on recommendation from Commercial (e.g. ERV, retail mix, phasing, market timing, etc…)
  • Support in choosing online marketing strategy (e.g. marketing calendar, branding, etc…)
  • Support in choosing Asset, FM and pm strategy, ensure proper coordination and handover with PM and FM entities and Asset Manager.




12 + minimum years of development management experience in managing the development of large retail property assets of over AED 500 million in value


Min of: N/A




  • Strong knowledge of valuation, appraisals and financial modeling of commercial and residential development.
  • Strong knowledge and contact with the GCC market with large master developers with annual revenue of at the very least AED 2 billion.
  • Strong knowledge of architectural construction and design.
  • Solid knowledge of contract procurement policies and procedures gained in the Procurement function of a genuine estate developer in the GCC real estate business


Bachelor degree in property, land economics, property valuation, architecture or engineering

Primary Location
: AE-AZ-Abu Dhabi

: Development Management

: Development-3

Employee Status
: Direct Hire

Job Type
: Standard

Job Posting
: Apr 21, 2022, 1:46:55 AM

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