SENIOR INTERNAL AUDITOR – دائرة الصناعة/ شركة الفجيرة لصناعات البناء

• Perform or help out with performing assessment of significant dangers & handles and ensuring
extensive audit coverage for several activities under evaluation including compliance with recommended
policies & techniques and relevant laws and regulations & regulations.
• Help out with conducting Risk Evaluation for the Team for developing Danger Based Internal Audit Program
for the Team and submission to Audit Committee for acceptance.
• Help out with preparing the scope of audit, determining the auditing methods to be utilized, including
statistical sampling and the usage of electronic data digesting tools.
• Style and develop the audit applications, prepare interview schedules, perform interviews, review
files, document procedure understanding narratives/movement charts.
• To execute the audit fieldwork and submit improvement are accountable to Audit Manager to make sure coverage,
details gathered and evaluation performed is pertinent, adequate and relating with
approved audit program based on the IIA Standards, Program code of Ethics, audit charter, audit regular
and audit guide.

• Performs the mandatory and suitable analytical processes to attain the audit goals.
prepare functioning papers, identify the presssing issues combined with the root cause, review and analyze proof,
and document suggestions and issues.
• Identify and measure the key control factors, evaluate system’s performance through program of
information of business systems, including economic, production, engineering, procurement,
product sales, other operations and assistance features.
• Obtain, analyze, and appraise evidentiary information as a schedule for the best, objective viewpoint on the
adequacy and efficiency of the machine and the efficiency of performance of the actions getting
• Consult with process proprietors during and towards the end of the evaluation, deficiencies and
corrective activity / improvements.
• Prepares Audit reports, expressing viewpoint on the adequacy, efficiency and usefulness of the
operational review, and offers the findings to Audit Supervisor.
• Provide consultancy providers such as for example trainings on financial regulates and systems re-design, procedure
re-style to auditee in order to add value and improve the continuing business functions efficiency and
• Assist Internal Settings Manager in preparing display for the Audit Committee.
• Proactively seek methods to create the best usage of data within our audit procedure including to inform
our knowledge of risks and offer relevant insights to the company
• Conduct analysis and successfully complete assigned teaching requirements essential to maintain
• Conduct follow-up testimonials of open audit problems, assess adequacy and sustainability of the activities
taken by the administration to handle the audit observation and associated company implications.
• Guideline and manage subordinates in performing audits along with other assignments.
• Establish and keep maintaining effective working connection with peers and co-workers in the business.
• Ensure completeness of audit engagement working document file (hard paper document and soft paperwork)
and submit it to Internal Controls Supervisor for final evaluation and sign-off.

Complex Attributes:
• Experienced in MS Workplace applications.
• Knowledge of the criteria of the Institute of
Internal Auditors (IIA) and the opportunity to fully
comply with IIA requirements.
• Excellent written and oral communication abilities in
• Capability to establish and keep maintaining effective working
human relationships.
Personal Attributes
• Self-motivated.
• Dynamic, positive and energetic attitude.
• Confident.
• Presentable and personable.
• Excellent Interpersonal abilities.
• Innovative travel.
• In a position to work under time stress and deliver on
tight deadlines

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