Role:  Senior Supervisor, Unix & Data source Administrator

Place: Abu Dhabi                                                    

  Function Purpose:

In charge of defining and leading upcoming strategy in neuro-scientific Unix/Linux Operating System and various rational database (RDBMS) conditions aligned with banking programs’ needs and ensuring the accessibility, performance, protection and integrity for these infrastructure components.

Provides leadership, assistance and assistance for UNIX/RDBMS Projects, including top and supervising the task of technical and expert staff and outsourced employees making certain the goals and goals of the IT division are usually met.

Plan, direct, manage and manage the day-to-day functions for RDBMS and UNIX conditions, infrastructure related software program, and service overseeing.

Assists with the preparing of ITD funds & operational budgets, oversight, tracking and controlling cover areas of obligation.

  Crucial Accountabilities of the function:        

Installing Servers & Construction of UNIX Operating system.

Upgrades, Operating system Patching & ensuring safety compliance.

Regular wellness checks & performing normal maintenance action.

Maintenance of UNIX Os’s & Firmware upgrades.

Capacity administration

Cluster Management.

Support on Program deployment.

Incident resolution and way of life.

Provide Infrastructure assistance for development group.

Support on alter implementation.

Upkeep of CMDB & Information databases.

Shell Scripting & Proactive wellness checks checking.

Responsible to take possession, maintain & up-to-date documentation

Maintain Data files/documentations.

Put into action and ensure all of the continuing business apps having DR according to ADIB Standards.

Maintain and upgrade the DR procedures and Paperwork.

Program and carry out the DR rehearsal according to ADIB specifications and proposed schedules.

Provide progress record on timely way, including tasks, tasks, incidents along with other ad-hoc specifications.

Ensure the compliance to Internal and exterior standards.

Ensure Zero non-compliance during internal and exterior audits.

Ensure Zero deviation from ADIB suggested security standards & procedure.

Implement automation necessary for performing the duties.

Stick to ITD and bank’s plans, procedures.

Maintain information security linked to ADIB.

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