Securitech Multi-Point Lock Protects Cannabis Facility

A recently available burglary try on a cannabis service in Colorado failed because of the facility’s expense in Trident, Securitech ’s premier multi-stage lock. Armed with equipment and a heavy-duty pickup truck, the would-end up being burglars used their vehicle to ram the facility’s door many times to no avail. The try, caught on movie, showed that the entranceway was damaged, however the Trident lock stayed guaranteed and set up, preventing any access.

A Securitech premier multi-stage lock resists burglary try at a cannabis service.

This attempt occurs the heels of information that burglaries of retail services, and cannabis facilities specifically, are increasing. Based on the National Retail Federation’s Study on Organized Retail Criminal offense, 75 % of mid-sized and huge retail companies mentioned burglary and robbery action had increased during the past year, year up from 68 percent last. A true amount of latest burglaries in cannabis retail amenities in particular have already been recorded in California, Oregon, and Colorado. Year in the past, significantly more than 120 burglaries at dispensaries happened in Portland, Oregon alone.

With many states legalizing marijuana, from NY to New Mexico, the security of dispensaries is now a primary concern for the cannabis industry rapidly. Dispensaries come in a distinctive position. They not merely possess high-value goods, but these goods are highly flammable also. Additionally, the security of these employees and customers should be factored in, as well. This makes the necessity for code-compliant and time-proven security solutions more vital even.

“The legal cannabis industry can be expanding in america,” stated Securitech CEO Mark J. Berger, FDHI. “But as more dispensaries open, they turn out to be targets for burglars, who could see them as under-ready for break-ins. And, put simply, standard commercial locks are simply not strong to carry up to these types of attacks enough. Growth must include knowledgeable security if these locations are likely to guarantee the safety of these occupants and decrease loss.”

To the final end, Securitech provides adapted its group of code-compliant, award-earning locking systems for the cannabis and retail industry. Manufactured in america, Securitech locksets would be the #1 high-security back door choice for retailers and cannabis facilities. For instance, the Trident, using its self-locking multi-point deadbolt system, secures the entranceway to the frame at five different points and is certainly quickly getting burglars’ greatest hurdle to entry. And new multi-point models created for high-traffic entrances utilized by staff and the general public alike, like the AutoBolt MAX, offer optimum protection against break-ins could be operated with a straightforward low‐pressure motion to unlock yet.

Using its nationwide network of dealers and local installers, Securitech will be poised to provide probably the most robust door protection for the cannabis and retail industry, offering free of charge consulting services to greatly help security and owners experts find the best answers to security concerns. “This not the 1st time we’ve noticed burglars halted by Trident-safeguarded doors; it’s since they can withstand the best assaults. We’ve obtained similar movies and testimonies, too,” mentioned Mr. Berger. “Actually, many suppliers have informed us they won’t provide inventory right into a facility unless Securitech multi-point locks have already been installed. We wish our customers and the to know that amid rising burglaries even, their assets and their people will stay secure and safe.”

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