Scottish Rite Center Sizes Up Cooling Tower Technology Options

By Greg Rankin

T he 130-year-outdated Scottish Rite Middle in Wichita, KS lately ran right into a common issue with its metallic cooling tower that backed the HVAC program: The previous tower had totally rusted-out and was altogether disrepair.

“It had been actually rotten and leaking constantly, but we held patching it and patching it,” stated Charles Dye, proprietor of First Services LLC, a plumbing, heating system, and air-conditioning contractor servicing businesses throughout main Kansas. “We held it heading until it couldn’t go on it any more.”

External of the Scottish Rite Middle. (Photo thanks to Judy Handley)

For greater than a hundred years, the facility was house to the Scottish Rite Freemasons of Wichita. Today it is operate by TempleLive which hosts main concerts, wedding receptions, over summer and winter along with other private events. Voted as the utmost beautiful creating in Wichita in the 1970s, the building’s external resembles that of a vintage English castle constructed away of huge limestone blocks. Its internal is more descriptive even, referred to as lavish and mystical often.

The Scottish Rite Middle auditorium.

The only real area of the historic constructing that was significantly less than enchanting had been the aged metal-clad cooling tower that sat on the top. So, in the summertime of 2020, Dye and TempleLive identified that the constant upkeep on the tower has been costing them a lot of time and resources also it was finally time and energy to choose new tower.

“At we were just considering choosing another metal tower very first,” said Dye. “But truthfully, we weren’t thrilled with the essential notion of repeating history; focusing on how much maintenance switches into steel towers.”

Older metal-clad cooling tower on the top of the Scottish Rite Middle.

Evaluating Cooling Tower Structure

At that time, Dye and TempleLive made a decision to expand the lookup and compare each one of the basic components used in the structure of cooling towers.    

“We viewed stainless steel however the cost was too much, sufficient reason for the fiberglass you need to combine it up and seal the seams in the sump. We weren’t in love with doing all that as well,” explained Dye. “We desired a tower that has been affordable just, easy to install then one that would last a long time with much less servicing.”

Engineered plastic-type cooling tower.

The disadvantages of metal, fiberglass and steel brought Dye to a vintage friend that had some encounter with engineered-plastic-type material cooling towers.

“I must say i did not know any thing about them,” mentioned Dye. “Indicate O’Donnell at Heaven Engineering released me to the technologies. I did some study and was impressed by the 20-year guarantee really. You don’t note that in this market. It examined all our boxes, therefore we proceeded to go with it.”

Manufactured plastic cooling towers are produced from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and so are used in numerous commercial processing and HVAC apps because of the inherent resistance to deterioration along with their high-efficiency functions.

HDPE technology isn’t new. Actually, engineered-plastic material cooling towers were initial produced by Delta Cooling Towers  in the 1970s. The technologies has expanded on the full years to add a number of HDPE models which range from 10 to 2,500 cooling tons.

“It came all without trouble,” explained Dye. “You wear it the pad just, bolt finished . down, connect the 6” PVC pipe and attach the electrical. It had been a breeze.”

Improving Aesthetics

When TempleLive overran the facility recently, the ongoing company was established to create it the premier venue in Kansas. Among the keys compared to that strategy had been to preserve the service’s architectural beauty from all relative sides. That said, the older metal-clad tower – easily noticeable from the trunk of the developing – was some an eye-sore.

“The outdated metallic cooling tower was huge, clunky and appeared as if an old shed seated up there. It had been ugly,” said Dye. “The brand new plastic tower looks good really, but you need to sort of appearance for it since it just blends in to the building effectively.”

New HDPE cooling tower on the top of Scottish Rite Middle.

It had been not just the view of the rusted tower that has been lacking, the noise arriving for the old unit was a concern also.

“The old steel tower got a gearbox on the enthusiast motor, also it was noisy pretty,” additional Dye.

The machine the facility eventually selected has been a Delta Cooling Paragon T150 model that includes a capacity of 150 cooling tons and, due to the design partly, runs a lot quieter than other cooling towers also.

“The brand new tower includes a direct drive electric motor, so that it requires less upkeep and it’s really peaceful,” concluded Dye. “We like it really.”

Engineered plastic-type cooling towers also provide potential for long-term financial savings that go properly beyond their aggressive upfront costs. Because of the known proven fact that HDPE cooling towers usually do not leak, as is a typical complaint with regular metal-clad units, users save well on both water therapy and usage chemicals.

Additional choices include VFDs (variable-frequency generate) fans that offer a lot more savings. Some functions have calculated the full total energy energy savings to become more than 40 %.

Greg Rankin is really a Houston-based freelance article writer with more than twenty years of encounter creating for the HVACR, digesting and mechanical engineering industrial sectors.

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