Principal Functions (Major Regions of Obligation):
Builds & manages interactions with SMB customers to be able to ensure customer fulfillment in addition to profitable account development and maximization of product sales in both Primary and Digital Providers.

Bears overall obligation for customer possession and works as first-point of get in touch with in all commercial client interactions. Manages entire product sales cycle including consumer profiling, account planning, to generate leads, proposing, closing and negotiating of deals.

Coordinates with team of inner stakeholders (Product Advertising, Pre-sales, Business Care, Prices, SMB Marketing, SMB Preparing, Service shipping, and engineering) to accomplish revenue, VOA, and CLIENT SATISFACTION targets.

Duties & Obligations :
This operating job description does apply to all or any positions that the work family comprises. The higher the positioning the higher the amount of required responsibility and expertise. (Note: Depending upon useful assignment, the jobholder shall perform administration of accounts/ telesales as relevant)
 1. Manages and builds permanent, proactive customer connection and ensures client satisfaction and stickiness and also profitable account development by coordinating all customer-related activities and performing as first-point of get in touch with. Manages and builds permanent, trusting customer romantic relationships.
2. Executes and develops sales approaches for individual SMB customers to attain given sales, revenue, visits, customer encounter, Digital, and VOA targets.

3. Bears overall obligation for customer possession by managing typically 40 customer bottom and acts as main point of get in touch with and interface between client corporation and Etisalat.

4. Monthly set by Administration visits the assigned customers and keep maintaining the minimal visits criteria per customer. Achieve the target CLIENT SATISFACTION Metrics.

5. Aware of Etisalat’s Core and Digital portfolio fully, with a clear intend to protect and increment the revenue generated from the handled customers.
6. Understands customer’s business, purchasing behavior, Reveal of wallet, needs, choice criteria, Crucial influencers, procurement process, and anticipate future needs to translate them into long term and present possibilities for core, digital, and ICT tailored remedy/sales.
7. Become the consultant to the client by understanding the client portfolio, vertical, future company, and provide tips about which Core/Digital services to get from Etisalat that can help make customer business better, and profitable.
8. Generates new sales opportunities by interacting customer requirements and recommending answers to appropriate sections; follows-up on development/ execution.
9. Create Periodic Consumer Accounts and Portfolio intend to drive Satisfaction and income growth.

10. Manages entire sales routine including consumer profiling & accounts planning, to generate leads, proposing, closing and negotiating of profitable offers and coordinates with Specialized Pre-Sales to supply thorough customer suggestions & Proposals.
11. Uses Etisalat Internal Techniques, and sales equipment to keep all customer details such as for example, purchasing authorization details, get in touch with details, company details, sign up information, and follow Etisalat Suggestions to ensure legitimate product sales and eliminate fraud.

12. Uses Etisalat Internal Techniques, and sales equipment to shipping targets, and keep maintaining sales funnel/pipeline, possibility journey, and performance administration.
13.  Proactively interacts with just about all related sections (Technical Pre-Sales, Service Delivery & Order Management, and Company Care) to make sure smooth and effective processing and shipping of customer specifications.
14. Means that customers are usually aware/on boarded on Etisalat Digital stations, such as for example B2B, eBills, online obligations, etc.
15. Provides thorough after-sales providers and handles difficulties proficiently.
16. Ensures complete digesting of most customer inquiries/ issues received by customer, CUSTOMER SUPPORT Center, Business Facilities; forwards inquiries/ problems to Problems Coordination as necessary.
17. Manages all sales supervises and routines their execution to build up effective customer associations.
18. Manages, monitors and evaluates on-going quality and efficiency of its result and solutions.
19. Oversees planning, assignment and prioritization of targets and duties. Reviews allocation/ usage of section and resources functionality.

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