RGB Spectrum Zio Media Server

RGB Spectrum has expanded its type of multi-channel documenting and streaming techniques with the brand new Zio® Mass media Server. This completely integrated program for recording, keeping, and distributing streams of high res, real-period imagery uses the H.264 compression regular.

The Zio platform offers a full AV-over-IP remedy, including encoders, decoders, movie wall structure processors, multiviewers, and decoder apps for smart shows and cellular devices.

The Zio Media Server supplies the ability to report streams while concurrently outputting additional streams. The server can be used with RGB Spectrum’s Zio codecs for multicast encoding and decoding at origination and location points to supply a complete solution. The server emerges in a number of hardware configurations according to the true amount of simultaneous streams required.

The Zio Press Server would work for mission-critical apps, including simulation, training, control and command, missile tests/telemetry, C4ISR, and mission evaluation. In a simulator program, for instance, the instructor can look at data noticed by the pilot on a real-time schedule as the same information has been documented on the Zio Mass media Server. Observers in remote control locations can view exactly the same visuals, real-period or later on. While a simulation has been documented and streamed to an Instructor’s Operating Station, previously recorded simulations could be recalled and streamed to a debriefing room away.

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