Required Plumber


• Set up and testing of most forms of drainage and drinking water provide pipes such as for example UPVC, ACOUSTIC, PPR, RUTHLESS, and HDPE pipes and their fixtures
• Set up and testing of most kind’s sanitary wares and components.
• Capability to read the store drawings with information such as for example slope, pipe size, place sanitary fittings, etc
• Maintain accurate records on components used from the shop.
• Capability to connect to the foreman about any discrepancy at the website.
• React to emergency phone calls as necessary at the website.

• Proven encounter as a plumber at the very least 5 to 8 yrs of encounter.
• Understanding of safe practices guidelines when coping with dangerous products or chemical substances.
• Great numerical and problem-solving abilities.
• Capability to work in groups and to achieve targets as specific by the foreman.
• Capability to function in shifts and/or overtime.

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