Required Pipe Fitter


• Set up and testing of most types of pipes such as for example MS pipes, MI pipes, Stainless pipes, and GI pipes and their fixtures
• Capability to read the store drawings with comprehensive pipe size, valve place, etc.
• Capability to perform pipe threading action using threading device.
• Calculate and cut pipes in accordance with site specifications.
• Capability to arrange fittings according to the site and store drawings.
• Understanding of all sorts of pipe facilitates and clamps etc
• Maintain precise records on components used from the shop.
• Capability to connect to the foreman about any discrepancy at the website.
• React to emergency phone calls as necessary at the website.
• Make use of and keep maintaining tools (electronic.g., pneumatic drill, saws).
• Inspecting the place of work, clearing obstructions, and planning materials.

• High college/ITI qualification
• Proven encounter as a pipefitter with at the very least 5 to 8 years of encounter.
• Understanding of safe practices guidelines when coping with dangerous products or chemical substances.
• Great numerical and problem-solving abilities.
• Strong conversation skills.
• Capability to function in shifts and/or overtime.

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