Required Kitchen Steward


Job Explanation
We have been searching for an engaging, courteous and hospitable Kitchen Steward who’s passionate regarding beverage and food service.

1. Operate Kitchen Equipment with great sanitary standards.

2. Screen proper strategies and stocking procedure of most items and utensils in the meals & Beverage Operations.

3. Stick to the Departmental sanitation checklist along with daily checklist.

4. Record on any required fixes for preventive upkeep.

5. Ensure cleanliness of most facilities and tools in the meals & Beverage region.

6. Maintain restaurant protection and hygiene regular in the procedure.

7. Control and keep maintaining on a continuing basis, quality degree of service i.electronic. Sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness.

8. Perform all the function assigned with related responsibilities.

9. To be well alert to the operational processes of machineries / equipment regarding the cleaning / cleaning / steaming.

10. Learn how to clean devices / fixtures in your kitchen, service area, meals outlets and area back again.

11. Alert to chemical utilization on different apparatus and kitchenware fully.


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