Reliable® Architectural Louver Protects PTAC Units In Extreme Weather

Dependable® Architectural Louver Protects PTAC Devices In Extreme Climate

Florida Building Code-qualified AEL-42-7020-MD protects PTAC ventilation openings in constructing facades during high-velocity hurricane situations.

Dependable® has expanded its assortment of architectural louvers ranked for serious weather and extreme functionality with the newly-created Florida-approved AEL-42-7020-MD louver.

The 1.5-inch-strong horizontally-bladed stationary louver is definitely Florida Building Code-accredited (FBC# 40250.1) for high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) and specifically made for make use of with ductless packaged terminal air conditioning equipment (PTAC) devices. Developed with OEM clients at heart, the AEL-42-7020-MD permits ample oxygen ventilation without comprising PTAC program overall performance.

“The AEL-42-7020-MD interlocking blades were manufactured to withstand hurricane-degree storms with wind loads around 50 PSF,” mentioned Joe Rockhold, louver product supervisor, Dependable .

With ever-increasing severe weather events, the mix of security against wind-born particles while providing oxygen safely is a problem. The AEL-42-7020-MD achieves both to greatly help building proprietors create healthier conditions with reassurance.

The AEL-42-7020-MD will be constructed from extruded light weight aluminum, and its own minimal wall thickness can be an aesthetically-pleasing style for resort, senior living and health care facilities, or other places that want packaged terminal air conditioners.

The AEL-42-7020-MD from Dependable® is authorized by Florida Building Program code to safeguard PTAC ventilation openings in industrial developing facades during high-velocity hurricane problems.