QRTU & QSolarBattery Support Off-Grid Automation

The Quantum Remote control Telemetry Device (QRTU) and the QSolarBattery from Quantum Automation are usually standardized yet customizable equipment platforms. They are area of the growing selection of Q-Line items which are enabling customers and techniques integrators (SIs) to deploy commercial internet of items (IIoT) and automation options anywhere, of whether web connectivity or power are plentiful regardless.

The QRTU is really a complete edge equipment solution for remote industrial, industrial, and utility/infrastructure data control and selection applications. Numerous options can be found to include PLCs from major providers such as for example AutomationDirect, IDEC, and Allen Bradley.

Any kind of I/O signaling or communications process could be supported, and an advantage wireless gateway provides connection via the cellular system of preference for installations where online sites isn’t available. Power could be given by the user-supplemented with the Quantum Uninterruptible POWER (QUPS) if desired-or by the QSolarBattery for a whole off-grid solution.

A personalized QRTU system could be shipped in a single box so that you can begin supervising and controlling your remote control applications quickly. The operational system is UL Detailed and includes detailed documentation and engineering drawings.

The QSolarBattery system is really a complete bundle with everything had a need to power remote overseeing and control panels anyplace there’s sunshine. It contains solar power, lithium ion battery, cost controller, and pole-install or ground-mount choices.

Over twelve configurations can be found, with four various solar power wattage sizes and electric battery capacities which range from 30Wh to 480Wh to aid up to four hrs of runtime, according to the load. These operational techniques are created to deliver regulated strength output, not a variable electric battery voltage just, utilizing a battery management program with eight layers associated with optimization and safety built-in.

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Battery elements carry the appropriate UL certifications, and the compact type factor is made for outdoor procedure in temperatures which range from -4°F to 149°F. Quantum Automation can be acquired to greatly help size a operational program to best meet consumer needs.

As the QRTU and QSolarBattery can each be utilized for standalone applications, they interact particularly properly for industrial-grade manage and monitoring apps located near or significantly, with or without accessible power or networking online connectivity. Applications include:

  • Oil & gas: Creation, well and tank checking, leak recognition, compressor stations
  • Environmental: Solar and wind tracking, color booths, HVAC products, landfill monitoring, water therapy
  • Agriculture: Soil moisture monitoring, climate monitoring, irrigation, pump homes
  • Golf classes: Lake monitoring, pump manage, timers, sprinklers
  • Water districts: Container monitoring and pump manage
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (The): Bridge/tunnel/freeway signage, overpass pump houses, electric battery charging stations, temporary energy, smart trucks
  • Enjoyment: On-location movie filming assistance

Combined with Quantum Cloud Server (QCS) IIoT handy remote control and monitoring cloud-based answer, users can connect to remotely-sourced vital information via any device with the capacity of hosting a browser anywhere, like a laptop, smartphone, or capsule.

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