Project Manager – Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC – Dubai

Pre – Construction (Pre-idea, Concept, Tender)


1. Perform reconnaissance study of the identified plot for feasibility viability and evaluation of the proposed task.

2. Analyze the allowable area, viable saleable region, construction area alongside required and available infrastructure taking into consideration the project purchase and cost cost.

3. Understand and finalize necessity from the team that is fitted to the identified plot best.

4. Prepare and evaluation preliminary estimate to determine task viability

5. Prepare and evaluation preliminary timeline of the task considering all levels of the project beginning with feasibility evaluation till handover

6. Identify possible contractor and experts to end up being appointed for the task

7. Convey the necessity to potential consultant and obtain the concept drawings ready.

8. Evaluation concept drawings and information as submitted by consultants making certain the proposals are suitable for the intended make use of and contains highest ROI

9. Prepare conditions and terms of consultant appointment

10. Prepare conditions and terms of vendor appointment

11. Get statutory acceptance drawings prepared and obtain it submitted for timely authorization ensuring that you can find no violation.

12. Evaluation and verify statutory acceptance drawings and paperwork

13. Evaluation and approve tender drawings and information

14. Evaluation and finalize tender specs

15. Evaluation and finalize material/ item specs

16. Prequalify contractors, suppliers and providers

17. Prepare and evaluation the inquiry to become floated for what to end up being procured

18. Evaluation and verify the industrial proposals

19. Evaluation, verify and finalize specialized comparative statements

20. Evaluation, verify and finalize economic comparative statements

21. Perform due diligence, negotiations and recommend the vendor/ supplier in line with the financial and technical assessment

22. Obtain timely statutory approvals

23. Perform cost optimization and worth engineering

24. Evaluation and finalize bar chart submitted by the contractor making certain there is absolutely no delay in mobilization along with completion/ give

25. Prepare and finalize contract record

26. Ensure receipt of most approvals essential for initiation of functions.

27. Review design drawings made by consultant and recommend correction if any.

28. Ensure timely release of most building drawings to contractor

29. Prepare project cashflow declaration.

30. Prepare procurement program and make certain timely procurement

31. Evaluation and certify consultant’s transaction

32. Evaluation and approve Quality Administration strategy

33. Evaluation and approve safety administration program

B. Design

1. Ensure timely mobilization by the contractor

2. Managing all contractual correspondence

3. Monitor, control and monitor physical and financial improvement regarding planned versus achieved.

4. Ensure timely achievement of most milestones

5. Ensure timely release of the payment for smooth working

6. Perform periodic review ending up in consultant and contractor

7. Ensure timely decisions receive to the contractor for successful timely completion of the project

8. Monitor, control and make sure implementation/ compliance of quality assurance plan

9. Monitor, control and guarantee implementation/ compliance of safety assurance plan

10. Review and agree monthly progress payments from and of the contractor, vendors and suppliers

11. Review and finalize variation & time extension claims of contractor, subcontractor, vendors, suppliers as applicable

12. Perform change order management

13. Become client’s representative to solve technical matters.

14. Identify, prequalify and suggest/ appoint vendors for PC and PS items consistent with project schedule

15. Prepare, review and finalize specification of PC and PS items

16. Preparing the primary contractor’s, sub-contractors’, vendor’s and provider’s final accounts and project away

17 close. Any other job linked to the Contract in line with the project requirements, designated by the management every once in awhile such as for example tender risk evaluation along with other project administration.

18. To cope with consultant, contractor, sub-contractor, and vendor suppliers etc. on all commercial associated matter of the project, after getting necessary management approval according to company procedures.

19. Consistently prioritize tasks and offer the best quality product while maintaining the financial objectives of the project in balance

20. Oversee and also have active participation in project coordination meeting and project team meetings (technical/ progress/ preconstruction/ week appearance ahead) to make sure that they are performed efficiently and effectively to make sure that all of the key project issues are usually talked about and necessary action to be studied

21. Cary out timely close-out of projects which includes completion of punch list, final Application for Payment, and submission of most close-out documents (i.e. As-constructed drawings & details, operation & maintenance manuals, warranty & guarantee certificate, certificate of occupancy, final application for payment, reputation of loss or cost savings, etc.)

22. Manage the construction procedure by conducting regular work site meetings with major contractor, subcontractors, architects, engineers, consultants, vendors, suppliers along with other project personnel. The principal goal of the meetings would be to provide path to the process, set priorities for choice and action making, resolve challenges between your ongoing parties, and manage the united group objectives, consistent with the eyesight of the continuing company.

23. Coordinating with Interior Developer for timely delivery associated with quality and mock-up associated with completing

24. Assist contractor, subcontractors, suppliers, suppliers in clarifying specialized problems with design consultant group.

25. To encourage architects, engineers, consultants, nearby governing officials, vendors, providers, subcontractors, and primary contractor through the entire entire construction procedure.

26. Coordinate and motivate the united group at every stage of task.

27. Make sure that RFI is tackled by the consultant on timely schedule.

28. Get monthly improvement report ready from contractor

29. Evaluation and finalize monthly improvement record

30. Mitigation of period overrun and price overrun

31. Ensure timely visits of most professionals like Architecture, Structural Engineer, MEP expert, at different stages of the task

32. Ensure timely appointments of management to acquire needed approvals

33. Ensuring web site go to of statutory authorities at necessary stages according to the norms

34. Ensure option of all needed documentation, including information/ drawings etc. according to the necessity

35. Controlling major contractor, subcontractor, providers and vendor to attain scheduled completion, without the deviation in high quality, without any deviation in expense and without any incident.

36. Analysis of routines in the critical route and crashing the plan as necessary.

37. Identifying and managing hindrances

38. The essential observations will be communicated to senior / specialist as per the necessity.

39. Ensuring correction, corrective action and preventive action if any kind of nonconformance occurs for planning or design or execution associated activity.

40. Monitor and manage movement of junior employees

41. Prepare and publish MIS to top administration at regular regularity.

42. Ensure timely tests and commissioning of most techniques

43. Ensure timely transaction of most statutory bodies

44. Obtain snagging and correction of snagging performed

45. Facilitate client’s snagging

46. Support CS department to handle prosperous handover

47. Finalize Operations and Maintenance guide

48. Finalize and obtain OEM maintenance company appointed

49. Aid CS section in Oqood associated formalities

50. Ensure timely receipt of permanent connection (Electric/Drinking water)

C. Post – Building

1. Ensure timely submission of transaction and documents to acquire all essential NOC required in completion

2. Ensure timely receipt of BCC

3. Appoint Technical Developing Completion Audit company

4. Get Technical Constructing Completion Audit accomplished and obtain the certification as needed by RERA

5. Ensure timely appointment of Proprietors Association (OA), Facility Administration (FM) along with other agencies which must be deployed during handover.

6. Prepare and finalize scope of functions of FM

7. Help OA and FM business in transition phase of dominate from the contractor

8. Support FM and OA within Defects Liability Period Management

9. Review and confirm launch of Performance Guarantee record of contractor/ vendors/ providers

10. Evaluation and confirm discharge of retention quantity of contractor/ vendors/ providers

11. Aid CS department in move around in and re-locate of occupants in coordination with FM and OA agencies.

12. Help FM and OA within DLP management.

Skills: Quality Manage, Estimation & tendering, web site execution of MEP and Civil works, Quality Assurance, Financial administration skills, Good conversation (verbal and composed) and interpersonal abilities, Leadership qualities, Efficient group management skills, Capability to resolve conflicting circumstances, Effective problem solving abilities, Effective and efficient Task Management, Project Management tools and software like Microsoft Project/ Primavera.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: Around AED15,000.00 monthly


  • Project Management : a decade (Preferred)


  • Dubai (Required)

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Remote interview process
  • Temperature screenings
  • Social distancing guidelines set up
  • Virtual meetings
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures set up

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