Prioritizing Renewable Energy In Real Estate Development

Prioritizing Renewable Energy in PROPERTY Growth

A fresh report from Urban Property Institute covers environmentally friendly, financial, and community great things about renewable power.

Renewable energy assets ought to be a concentrate in property development plans, in accordance with a new survey from the Urban Property Institute (ULI).

Renewable Energy Approaches for PROPERTY  may be the latest document from ULI’s Greenprint Middle for Building Efficiency . As momentum builds for decarbonizing the constructed environment, the report offers a extensive framework for applying renewable power both on- and off-web site. By prioritizing renewable power in their projects, property organizations can decrease their carbon footprint and include value for structures, tenants, investors, and communities.

“Renewable power may be the fastest-growing power supply for structures globally but nonetheless accounts for significantly less than 15% of the full total energy used by structures,” said Billy Grayson, Executive Vice President of Initiatives and Facilities at ULI. “Between rising charges for fossil fuels, the declining price of renewables, and much more federal government incentives for emissions decrease, the continuing business case for pursuing renewable energy in property hasn’t been stronger.”

4 Key Recommendations

The statement is educated by the sights of ULI scholars, property leaders, and professionals in green power. It identifies four key tips for genuine estate practitioners thinking about renewable energy:

  1. Create tailored techniques:  The very best technique for implementing renewables varies by organization, building, and situation – and is informed by an entity’s goals, financials, and priorities.
  2. Program forward:  As requirement for renewable power increases, property organizations will start exploring renewable power opportunities now to be able to obtain experience and create relationships with providers who is able to help them succeed.
  3. Involve experts:  On- and off-site renewable energy offer structures are usually numerous, complicated, and supported by professional external stakeholders best.
  4. Maximize energy performance very first:  There are always a true amount of steps upon the pathway toward net-zero emissions, including renewable energy, but energy efficiency may be the highest impact investment often.

The complete  Renewable Energy Approaches for PROPERTY  report can be acquired on  ULI’s Information Finder system .

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