Pressac partners with UMA to create intelligent workplaces

Enabling organisations to keep track of real-period workspace occupancy and environment conditions, improving user assisting and experiences decrease operational expenses and carbon footprint.


Smart-{creating|constructing|developing} sensor {producer} <a href="https://www.|

Smart-{creating|constructing|developing} sensor {producer} Pressac {Conversation} has entered {the} partnership with workplace intelligence software {supplier|service provider|company} UMA , to provide integrated {technologies} which transforms workplaces into super-intelligent, {responsive spaces highly.}

The {mix of} Pressac’s {wise|intelligent|clever|sensible} sensors with UMA’s leading-edge software allows {companies} to monitor real-{period} workspace utilisation and {catch} environmental insights {to produce a} {better}, safer and sustainable {operating|functioning} environment.


Pressac’s smart sensors {make use of} advanced wireless technology,|smart sensors {make use of} advanced wireless {technologies}

Pressac’s,} {that allows} them to {become|end up being} kept {individual} from an organisation’s IT {system}. {This makes them {an easy task to} install and integrate real-time data {directly into} UMA’s software.|This makes them {an easy task to} install and integrate real-time data into UMA’s software straight.} Their ultra-low power {usage|intake} means {they want} minimal maintenance, {with {electric batteries} {usually|generally} lasting over five {many years|yrs}.|with {electric batteries} lasting over five {many years|yrs} typically.}

“The {place of work} is {altering|transforming|modifying} at a {spectacular} rate. Business {cleverness} and {important|crucial|essential} metrics around occupancy and {environment} conditions are now {needed for} adapting to {modifications|adjustments} in {the requirements} of the workforce, optimising the {place of work} environment and improving {worker} experiences.” {states} Gavin Fletcher, CMO at UMA.

UMA’s unique {method of} workspace optimisation {runs on the} combination of technology, {software program}, and machine-learning algorithms. {{This permits} their {customers} to digitally transform {by firmly taking} a human-centred design {strategy|method|technique}.|{This permits} their clients to transform {by firmly taking} a human-centred {style} approach digitally.}

“Pressac has been {providing} technologies {to aid} the smart building {business|market|sector} for over 60 {many years|yrs}, and we are {focused on} helping our {companions} {develop}, innovate and satisfy {altering|transforming|modifying} {client|consumer} needs through world-class {wise|intelligent|clever|sensible} technologies,” {stated|mentioned} Peter Burbidge, {Controlling|Handling} Director at Pressac. “{We have been} immensely proud to count UMA {as you} of our {companions} {and can} work closely {using them} {to boost} workspaces with {usage of} real-time {information}, while providing {higher} interoperability and {the capability to} scale at {velocity|rate|acceleration|swiftness|quickness}.”

Stephen Milner, Founder and CEO at UMA {stated|mentioned}: “Our key mission {concentrate} for our business {would be to} innovate through {electronic} transformation. {Pressac {is a} critical partner {because of} its smart sensor {technologies},|Pressac {will be} a critical partner {because of} its smart sensor {technologies},} {partnership {strategy|method|technique} and cost-effective and {wide} portfolio,|partnership approach and {wide} and cost-effective portfolio,} {{which includes} been easily {built-into} the UMA software {system}.|which has been {built-into} the UMA software platform easily.}”

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